This is it! The first semifinal takes off! 5 acts will compete for two places on the final, due for Septembre 19. Performing tonight: Chakula Soul, Daithi, Flow Dem, Legion of Many and Pepper and Piano. The acts performances will be released on iTunes and Sky Songs, and all the profits go for them! No pennies for the show. I like that!

UPDATED: Videos and links added!

Read my recap, watch the videos and buy the songs after the JUMP ...

Flow Dem

They record and produce all their songs in their local youth centre. What happened to MK's hair? I liked it purple! Wait! Why is it purple again? They are performing a different song tonight, "Get What I Want". I love MK's voice, but this song isn't as good as their audition song. It doesn't sound as good. I like that harmonies! A little out of tune, but his voice is amazing, I'll buy an album of this kids, they definetly have talent. Dizzee agrees wtih me! They still deliver yeses? 2 yeses and a no from Sharleen. Will they make it through? Not very sure, will have to see the rest.

Buy "Get What I Want" HERE or HERE.

Legion of Many

They want to make people wear costumes? ... I just love them! And I really want those feathers ... They will play a different approach of their audition song, "Now We are Stars". I like this oufit more than the other! I don't like this take as much as I liked the original one. The clapping part was excellent, however! I like them a lot, the chorus is really catchy,  but I didn't like them, I'm sorry, but I didn't. They are better than that! Sharleen says no,  Jamie says no and Dizzee says yes. I don't think they'll get through I'm afraid.

Buy "Now We Are Stars" HERE or HERE.


He started playing fiddle at 7 and combining it with the loop player two years ago. Oh, they are sweet! He's the only irish in the Top 15, all Ireland will be voting for him ... This is unusually really, really good! It's genius! It sounds like that irish celtic songs, or the ones they will play in a festival. But I love it, as Jamie said, it's very hypnotic! Jamie is so sweet! He seems happy to be there, three yeses! Finale? Of course!

Buy "Carraroe" HERE or HERE.

Pepper and Piano

My favourite act is next!  They met at college fourth months ago, and their audition was their first performance. Emma wrote the amazing "You Took My Heart", which they will perform tonight! Katie looks beautiful! As I've said before, she's very Adele-ish and he does look like her! I love them, love, love, love them. The best voice ever on any of this shows! They will be big! WOW! I'm speechless! Yes, yes and yes. They left before the phone lines rolles, funny! I'm team Pepper and Piano! They'll win!

Buy "You Took My Heart" HERE or HERE.

Chakula Soul

They'll perform one of their own songs. Guitar solo! "Chakula Soouuuul" This three girls sound wonderfull! Very RnB. A little rap, I wasn't expecting that! Very good song and voices, but I don't really know they'll make it. They haven't had much exposure in the auditions and people couldn't relate to them. Two yeses and a no, from Sharleen of course.

 Buy "Love Goodbyes" HERE or HERE.

Lines are open for only 5 minutes?! That's not much time! We've a Jamie Cullum performance! I love this song! He's piano playing is also terrific, and he's funny to watch!

Results time now! Only two acts go through ... Judges prediction: Dizzee says Pepper and Piano and Daithi, Sharleen says Pepper and Piano and Flow Dem, and Jamie says Flow Dem and Daithi. My predictions: Pepper and Piano and Daithi!

First act through is: DAITHI!!!! He acted as he was surprised, but deep inside he knew it! Second act through is: PEPPER AND PIANO!!!!! Yes! They'll win! They seem so excited ...  They are lovely! I was right ... Now go to iTunes and buy their songs!

Next week finalists: The Pictures, Kyle, The Trinity Band, Emma's Imagination and Ebony Steel Band. I predict The Pictures and Emma's Imagination, or maybe Kyle, but Emma is for sure!
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