X Factor 2008 fifth placer, Ruth Lorenzo, was signed to EMI shortly after the series ended. But some time ago, the deal fell apart, and now Ruth plans to launch her album independently. I don't know how will this end, maybe, with a great amount of support from her fans, she will achive the same success she would have if she sticked to the initial deal, but I think she'll be fine, after all, she's one of the best voices I've heard! Going back to our issue, the Spanish has just released her first single, "Eternity", written by Francis Rodino. The song is available as a free download on her site. It's a smooth pop ballad, very slow but with some great notes and a beautiful raspiness. If all of her songs are going to be like this, it will be a hell of an album! A very solid debut overall.

Listen and download "Eternity" after the JUMP ...

Download "Eternity" HERE.

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