This is the second audition show recap, which aired after the first one! MBTM comes back this Sunday with another double episode where the semi-finalists will be reveled!

Check the audition videos and my comments after the JUMP ...

Day 1

I think that I've already hear this like 20 times. They are wasting a lot of time with the judges names, the shows format and so and so. I understand it's their first show, but doing it only for it's first hour was enough! I don't want to keep listening the same old thing!

Missing Andy

Essex guys are a rock/pop band who will perform one of their own songs. Yeah! I'm liking this! Lots of chemistry between them! The song it's pretty catchy and the frontman has made some good rap! I don't like the backup singers, however, they don't sound as good as their frontman. Three yeses and they go through!


Three piece RnB group are expecting to impress Jamie and Dizzee, as Sharleen isn't on the panel due to ilness. They need two yeses to advance. They have good individual voices, but this performance is mixing me a bit, I'm totally lost! Lots of movement, backing vocals, over singing. Not my style unfortunately. They get a yes and a no. What happens now? Dizzee won't change his mind, come on man! Give them another chance!  Fearn jumps into the action! They are given another chance when Sharleen comes back!

Montage of horrible acts. Wierd "jazz" singer, wierd dancer, the kings of the wierds, the queen of the wierds, their son. To sum up, a wierd parade!

DJ Lantan

He is a rapper who will sing a song he wrote, called "Facebook Love". This seems a total trainwreck! And it is! This is pathetic ...  Hate, hate, hate. Why is the audience even supporting him? And Jamie too? Thanks man! Two nos and his out. This reminds me General Larry Platt's "Pants on the Ground", which I hated as much as I hated this.

The judges again! Yes!! I love when they repeat the same!

Danny Lane

Danny is a deaf music teacher who wants to inspire the deaf students he teaches. He playes a Chopin composition in the piano of course. He is good! I don't usually like piano solos, but coming from someone who can't hear what he is playing, this is amazing! He is like Beethoven! Three yeases and he goes through!

Some reject auditioners who played cover versions. We've got an out of tune band. A wierd drummer who reminds me of the Little Mermaid, don't ask why. A bad karaoke "Mercy" version. A ... I don't know what was that, something wierd. A woman ruining Ellie Goulding's "Starry Eyed". Funny thing is that all left the judges speeachless!


22 year old Kyan comes from Cambridge and would play one of his songs on piano. Beautiful voice! One of the best tonight! This is really perfect! Pure vocalist! He sounds very  John Legend meets Ray Charles.

The Sticks

Manchester band will also give it a shot with their own material. This is strange, quirky, and actually really interesting. I like that they play with different rythms, they are fast then really slow, then fast again. It's very dinamic! I also love her voice. What?! Sharleen gave them a no! Dizzee is no surprise, but Sharleen?! They are trying to change her mind ... it's a yes from her too!! They are through ... but the judges still fight! Dizzee clamis it war!

Day 2


The guys are back! They are determined to make it! I like this a bit more! It's more cohesive, they seem more like a group, not three solo act trying to outshine each other. Better than the first time for sure. Will they make it this time? Yes! And with three yeses!

The show is at Edinburgh. The usual wierd montage rolls on, rejected, rejected, wait, did Jamie put one of this wierdos a yes? What had he smoked? Rejected, rejected, rejected.

Emma's Imagination

Glasgow busker is hoping to success in the music industry.  She looks really quirky and very similar to Siobhan Magnus! Love her! One of the best so far! Her voice sounds so prefect and beautiful, and that song is like magic, I feel so relaxed after this! Three yeses of course! Potential winner!

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