This is it guys! After 6 weeks of amazing Glee-like performances it all comes down to this night! Tonight, the Don't Stop Believing winner will be reveled! All 6 groups fight for the same prize today, the chance to record their own album!

And the winner is ...

DALE DIVA, the barbershop choir from Derbyshire Dales. The sassy ladys are taking home the ultimate prize! The chance to record their own album! Congratulations! Keep coming back to the blog for the latest news of the contestants. It's not the end of the road, it's just the start. I see some great futures ahead!


The Loco-Motion (Little Eva)/Shag (Sammy Hagar)? - Are this the same guys who sucked last week? I mean, this is absolutely amazing! WTF! They turned this two song (I'm not sure "Shag" was the other) into an amazing jazzy medley and their vocals were brilliant! All of them! Luckily they didn't gave the Beiber clone much lines, he's still horrible, but the others are terrific!

Dale Diva

 No More Tears (Barbra Streisand)/Hot Stuff (Donna Summer) - I just don't like them. I can't stand their voices and their performances are really boring. I don't know how they have got so far, maybe it's the fact that they are like a 100. I recognize they have really good voices, some at least, but they are too monotonous and they don't bring anything new to the table. They are just that, a good choir, but they don't have that unique quality some of the others have.

Singer Station

Starmaker (Fame) - The first time it worked. Simple and cute. But now it didn't. I guess the lighting can't strike in the same place twice. They were really out of tune and I found their performance  incredinly boring. It was too plain, their vocals didn't have any variations, just like if they were singing in the same tone all the time. The good thing, the ballons were sweet!

The Songtimers

Empire State of Mind Pt II (Alicia Keys) - This is what I like! Yes, their vocals weren't stunning or unique, but their performance was so enjoyable! Did you notice the helicopters above them? Or the incredible sparkling dust? Total magic! This is just one of the most amazing performances. Their voices were a bit dissapointing tough, the black guy had a horrible voice and sang with no power. But the girl who sang the chorous was very, very good.

Three Spires

One Night Only (Dreamgirls) - I really, really like them. They bring so much passion to the stage! And their voices are so perfect! Despite this all, I didn't like this performance. I mean, their vocals were incredible, but the song choice was bad. The song is so boring, and any singer can improve it. The shout at the end, however, saved the performance. It also felt old, but that's also the song's fault. Never ever pick a song like this again!  I still love them, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was fantastic!

True DynaMix

Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna)/Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) (Bob Sinclair) - The beggining was a bit rough. They were slightly out of tune and sync, and I don't know how I feel about the Rihanna tune sang by so many people. The second, however, was a major improvement. The performance took another level, their dance movements were better and their voices were perfect! Still, I didn't like this two songs mixed together, I don't like them alone, and less in a mash-up!

The Supergroup

Dancing In September (Earth Wind And Fire) - This is the final Supergroup performance (sad face), at least on the show, as they will tour together. The song was pretty fun. I wanted some more vocal power, but I guess this was like a closure. They ended up having fun, and giving fun. The back flips and all those movements were incredible and the performance overall was really enjoyable! Good luck guys! I'll follow your steps very closely ...

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