This Sunday 5 new more members will be added to The Supergroup, leaving it with 25, with the 5 last members being added in the final week. They all look really good, but if I have to pick my favourite based on looks, I'd pick Lauren and Natalie, they seem to have powerful and interesting voices. I wish they all get a solo to prove them! I've noticed that the images are missing a border, which I may correct later this week.

All bios taken from the DSB site HERE.

Read the contestants biographys after the JUMP ...

Rohan Richards

Rohan has lived with his mum and sister all his life, they are a very close family who he has always had for support. He graduated from Italia Conti in 2009 and has spent the last year working on a cruise ship as a dancer in Australia. Rohan’s hobbies include cooking, fantasy art and card magic tricks.

Lauren Ford

Lauren’s granddad lives with the family and has encouraged Lauren to perform since she was a child. This is due to his active participation in ballroom dancing throughout his life and now at 88 years old he still attends his regular ballroom and Latin classes once a week. Lauren studied at the BRIT School and then went to Performer's College before working on cruise ships. She has always been into singing and dancing with younger sister Sian, and Sian is keen to follow in her sisters’ footsteps as a performer.

Daniel Ellison

Daniel auditioned for the Don’t Stop Supergroup at the POD in Liverpool. Daniel is from a very normal town where he feels he doesn’t really fit in, and is from a very normal family and is the first person in his family to try and pursue this sort of career. Daniel is a struggling dancer after being out of Dance College for a year and is still out of work. He has had to resort to working for his parents business in packaging, which involves being stuck in a warehouse packing boxes which he says "is DEFINITLEY NOT me!" He has a random fashion sense often trying to throw as many different looks into one outfit and he thinks his personality matches this.

Natalie Williams

When Natalie was 7 years old and shortly after she'd started singing, a 17 tonne lorry crashed through her home and destroyed it. She was sent flying across the house, was trapped under a ceiling and suffered panic attacks for years after. Even to this day she says it can affect her performance and it took her a while to get back on track afterwards. Natalie is part of a charity that helps raise money for schools in Kenya and last summer she went out there to help build a school and sing with the kids which she found massively rewarding. Natalie, who auditioned in the Bristol POD, works as a sales assistant in a shoe shop but is also on a HND Musical Theatre course. Her first major touch with stardom was when she sang at the London Palladium aged 11 after winning a competition and she still has the performing bug to this day.

Ashford Campbell

Ashford came to the POD in Newcastle to audition for the Supergroup. Ashford is self taught in hip-hop/street dance. Money hasn't always been in abundance so rather than shelling out to go to a London college to train in performing arts, he's taking the more sensible option of studying French and Spanish at university. He's keen to balance his studies and performing which is why he's excited to join the
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