The first audition show is behind us. We've got to see some real talent tonight! Although it was little, the few they showed was terrific. Gamu, Katie, Shirlena and Holly really stand out! The girls are tought this year, and I think the winner is in that category.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Stephen Hunter

Disco Inferno (The Trammps) - Is this a joke? I mean, didn't they have someone better to open the series.? No disrespect with him, but a gay guy doing ridiculous moves isn't really what I call a good act. Despite this, he has a good voice. But it all seems like a joke, so I can't take him seriously. Was he fun? Sure! Will he win? Not in a million years. Still don't get it why he advanced to bootcamp ... Another X Factor mystery ...

Diva Features

Waiting For A Star To Fall (Boy Meets Girl) - Ouch! This actually harmed my ears. They looked like a wierd quirky good group but they sounded as three dying cats. Lord! Luckily the judges said no, my ears wouldn't survive another performance like this.

Gamu Nhengu

Walking On Sunshine (Katrina and The Waves) - The Zimbabwean was one of the stand outs of the day.  She took a horrible song and made it her own, in a very jazzy and contemporary way. The discussion is if that song was auto-tuned or not. I think it was. Her mouth movement and the sound didn't match at all. But that voice came from somewhere, so she definetly has the talent. And if it was auto-tuned or not is to blame the X Factor. Maybe in bootcamp they don't do it anymore ...

They are mocking Geri, this is actually funny! How can she talk so much?

Julia Collins

From like the 5 seconds we got of her, her voice is really good. She was really on pitch and has an interesting jazzy tone. She is through to bootcamp.

G and S

Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - G and S stands for "Gay and Straight", mmm, I don't like that name at all! They guy starts singing and kills the song. Then Caroline sings, and WOW, magic! She has the voice, but not the personality. But with some work, she could be a contender. I loved how she ditched her friend! And he wasn't even angry, he must already know he sucked ...

Lynne Frances O'Neil

True Colours (Cyndi Lauper) - The banned from singing waitress is one to watch! She has a terrific sweet and quirky voice and her personality is just perfect. She looks like last year's Lucie Jones. The whole package they like talking about.


Paparazzi (Lady GaGa) - Noir means black in french. Confused. Their 5 sec performance sounded really pleasant and quiet interesting. They have a quirky style. A very different group from what we are used to.

Mark McGrergor

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time (R. Kelly) - He is good! He looked like a total trainwreck but when he opened his mouth it was WOW. He has a huge RnB voice. Mark is a possible contender, that's for sure.


Bad Romance (Lady GaGa) - OMG! What is this? How can they enter the show without even practising their routine? Phone practices don't count! The worst group ever! They sound like three strangers who met in the bus stop 5 minutes before. Out of sync, tune, rythm, etc. They oversang each other, they couldn't dance or sing. Did they ever believe they could win? Simon disgust face! I love it!


In My Head (Jason Derulo) - I really like this girls! They sounded so good, very unusual! Their outfits, however, were very sluty, they should change a bit. And Simon mocking Cheryl's group is so funny! He totally underestimates her! Love it!

Katie Waissel

At Last (Etta James) - My favourite of the night! She came in as a joke. With the crazy hair and the Madonna like image, but when she opened her mouth ... OMG! I love this girl. She is very similar to Diana Vicker's in a way, a quirky girl who knows who she is. Why Simon didn't let her sing "At Last" the first time? And then Louis saying "At Last" was better than the other song. She could easily be in the Top 12.

Shirlena Johnson

Mercy (Duffy) - WTF???!!! I'm speachless, actually I'm wordless. Is she serious?, is she a joke? I've never been so confused after a performance in my entire life! She didn't even practiced that song, she was making it up in the way. I'm amused, after all, she is unique. I don't know how she could make it to the liveshows, however, she is original, but could she do that again?

Hollie Burns

Creep (Radiohead) - Hollie wasn't featured on the main show, insted they showed her in the Xtra Factor. She really impressed me and the judges. I don't know why they didn't showed this, she's terrifc, much better than many others they showed. I love her! She could actually win this!

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