I really like this new show!!! It's all about music, and what I love is that anyone can audition. From a flautist to a whole choir ensamble. I also think it's very interesting that contestants get to sing their own stuff, as in other shows that's not possible. They also have a great cast, with music insiders who really know what they are talking about and can give honest contructive opinions.  Enough chatting, let's go to the real thing! The first audition show! Although this was a double episode, I'll make one post for each of them. Auditions were held in Manchester, Edinburgh and London. The show has a sort of America's Got Talent meets American Idol format. The judges vote after each performance for yes or no, and then give their comments, with two yeses, the acts advance. The videos in this post are the ones found in the MBTM YouTube channel, that's why there aren't all the contestants.  All auditioners advancing will be narrowed to 15 semi-finalist on the next double episode. And I've taken so long because I got to see the show today, but I promise next week will be quicker!

Check the audition videos and my comments after the JUMP ...

Day 1

Flow Dem 

They are a group of friends from Newport, South Wales. Aged from 15 to 17, they write and produce their own songs, and are goining to sing one of them. They are total fans of Dizzee. Wow! I'm impressed! I was expecting rubbish, but they are actually very good and funny. The best is MK, the purple haired, he has an amazing voice, very RnB and soulish. The other guys are good back up singers for him, they rap, but don't sing as MK! Some suspense .... and three yeses! Potential finalists!

Why are they reapiting the process and naming the judges again? We already know that! Show us some more music!



 They are a London five piece boyband.  The judges faces look bored! This seems not good! They are very common! What are you doing that any boyband is? The one with the guitar has a good voice, and it started pretty ok, but then the others jumped singing and it was very uninteresting and dull. The desicion is obviously three nos. Good desicion, this is not the next Backstreet Boys show!

A montage of bad contestants ... What was that? This rejected contestants are so wierd!

Pepper and Piano 


Best friends from Manchester, Emma plays the piano and Kate sings. Emma was a drug addict and said music was sort of a therapy for her. They are singing an Emma's original, "You Took my Heart", inspired in her life. They will perform in public for the first time! They are really nervous! OMG! They are so incredible!!!! Kate has a beautiful and pure voice, very Adele-ish. The best so far for sure. They are totally going to be in the Top 15! The song is pure beauty also, all the studio is crying! Emma should be really proud of her song! Three yeses of course! Stunning! What a coincidence! Adele's "Chasing Pavements" is playing after they go through!

Day 2

Wrong Tom 

Tom has released three self produced albums. He's the typical heavy metal singer. This is strange and a bit perturbing. He can't sing nor can perform on stage. 2 nos and 1 yes? What are you thinking Dizzee? He was terrible!

Next, a montage of instrumentalists. First, an harmonica player who also beatboxs? Yes! He sounds interesting, though I wish they could have shown more of him, and maybe, his name! Three yeses and he goes through! Now, and exhaust pipe player? How strange is this? It doesn't sounds bad though! Similar to a didgeridoo, point for the interesting approach. How could have thought that? He goes through with 2 yeses. After him, a four pice bass band pops on stage. They are also very good! The three girls and a boy go through with 2 yeses.


He is a fiddle player who uses a loop player. He also writes his own compositions. Wow, what an original sound! He is a one man band! And it's not boring at all, as you would expect from a fiddle! Of course, three yeses! He can also be in the Top 15!

Not again! They keep repiting the same! I already know who the judges are!

Early to the Vineyard 

Four pice band is a group of friends who met in a local curch, where they also practice. Ouch! I hate this! It's wierd, and he can't sing, only shout! My ears are bleeading and my eyes too! What has he smoked?! Is he possesed? This has taken perutrbation to a whole new level! The public is even applauding the nos!


She an 11 year old harpist and singer. She currently can't afford an harp, so she is aiming to buy her own. She opens her mouth and ... total beauty! How can she have such a perfect voice?! This reminds me of celtic music, but more contemporary. She is totally going through with three yeses. Another potential winner! Oh! She had write that song! She has the whole package! Talented young girl. A perfect way to close the show!

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