The X Factor has seen major changes this year! With two judges missing and the changes in the categories and the judges houses, this series seems to be the best yet. Why? Talent seems terrific, even tough we haven't heard any of them! This is a news round-up of all that has happened in the X Factor in the last months. The show is starting tomorrow, August 21 on ITV1 at 7:30 PM!!

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The first change was the abscense of Dannii Minogue in both the auditions show and the bootcamp. Dannii was pregnant with her first child at that time, but she is expected to return for the judges houses! If Dannii's abscense wasn't enough, Cheryl decided to take a little break from the show to almost die from malaria. It's not that she wanted it, but who goes to Tanzania without being vaccinated against it? Anyway, Cheryl  missed the bootcamp and a part of the auditions but is also returning for the judges houses. As a result of their little vacations, the judges panel was left with Simon and Louise, who were joined by guest judges during the auditions and Nicole Scherzinger during the bootcamp. The guest judges were Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Geri Halliwell. According to the reports, Nicole was so impressive in her role that she is currently being considered as a judge on the X Factor USA, but that's another post! Accordingly, Cheryl began to fear that Nicole would take over her place, so she fasten up her recovery and threw the malaria away in order to return to the show as soon as possible.

The X Factor bosses, Simon, thought that all this changes weren't enough for their public, so they decided to make some little modifications to the categories. The Overs category, that ranged from 25+, is now a 28+ category! Yes! Now all the initially branded as Overs are in the Boys and Girls categories! For example, TrayC Cohen was an Over last year, but this year she is a Girl. Tricky, right? Was it that they wanted to keep more Overs in the competition? Whatever! 

Judges houses will also see some slightly changes. Instead of the usual 6 acts going through to them, the judges have decided to put through 8 contestants from each category. This will presumably make Cheryl's and Dannii's desicison easier as they weren't able to be at the auditions and the bootcamp. I don't know how I feel about this. I don't like talented contestants being eliminated, and there will be many of them!

And that's what happened on the X Factor this past months! Watch the premiere tomorrow on ITV1 at 7:30 PM, and in the meantime, watch this advert:

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