This is the final audition show! Today the final 15 will be reveled! That will be on a different post, link to it will be at the end of this one. But before that some more acts ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Callum Beattie

He is a supermarket trolley pusher. He says music is his life. Interesting sound. His voice is very unusual, I'm liking this. 2 yeses and he is through. Sharleen said no, why? Because he was too tight? Come on! Give him a break, he was nervous. Callum has real talent! Overexcitement, relax dude! And now he is crying ...

The Houndogs

I think I won't like this ... They are Elivs's fans. They seem so old fashioned ... Not as bad as I expected, but still don't like it. The instrumentalists are good and very funny indeed, but the singer is so dull. Like taken from the 60s and popped in that stage. That style isn't working for me. They get three yeses. Not expecting it.


The four girls are a classy classic/pop trio. They are actually amazing. Love their voices, and their opera singing isn't dated at all! As I was expecting ... Dizzee feels really horny!! Come on! You guys voted them because they are hot! Sharleen obviously said no! And now she's kissing Dizzee! Jamie is a bit jelous, I can feel it!

A montage of Dizzee feeling horny ... Winks! Oh, shirtless! And a bathroom?

Andrew Carleton

The 18 year old Scottish student starting playing guitar by chance when a friend forgot his guitar at Andrew's home. He's singing "Crazy" and he ... sucks! His vocals are so awful and his guitar playing too! Goaty! Goaty! This sounds so horrible! Shut up! Three nos of course. Jamie wants to be nice! Dizzee and Sharleen tell the guy he is joking! And then Dizzee puts him a yes? He says he's been playing for two months! Come on! Just leave and don't ever show up on a show like this again ... That was funny ...

Toxic Funk Berry

They are an electropop band. They almost split some time ago after a fight. Mmm? Interesting, however, I wouldn't buy this, or hear it. I don't like this tipe of music. WTF! What are those shouts!! Three yeses! Would like to see something better, but the judges seem to love them, so keep playing like this I guess.

Kyle Nash-Baker

15 years pianist started playing four years ago after he discovered he had synesthesia, a condition in which when hearing music, he sees colouors. He learned to play piano by watching the hands of other players. He will perform one of his own compositions. He's good and the fact that he composed that gives him extra points! He's a little genius! Three yeses and Kyle is through!

Ebony Steel Band

They say the band is like a family, it's been active for 20 years! They'll play "Ain't Nobody". I like that sound! More, I love that sound! Don't want to seem a Disney obbsessed guy, but that sounds pretty similar to the Little Mermaid music, doesn't it? They are obviously through!

And that was the last audition! Now the Top 15 decision!

But that's another post ...
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