6 new groups fight for a spot in the final in this third show. Plus, 5 new members join The Supergroup. There's also a competition to name The Supergroup, you can enter your suggestions HERE. Remember that DSB takes off next Sunday, August 8, at 5:45pm on Five.

Read my recap, watch the performances and see who advanced after the JUMP ...

DaleDiva was the public choice and Swish was the wildcard selection, both advancing, one to the final and the other to the wildcard show. The judges had to choose between Swish and Original Talent, but they were unable to decide, leading to the initial public votes. Would have loved to see Original Talent going through!!


Angels/Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams) - I thought I would love them, but I didn't. They were really entertaining and Anthony Hughes's (the lead singer) voice is amazing. The first part of their performance was really interesting and beautiful, but when they entered the second part, with that Justin Bieber attempt, Jake Howlett, they ruined all the good job they had done. Entertaining? Yes, but not vocally perfect. And I really liked that flip.

Jacobs Street

We're All in this Together (High School Musical) - As the judges said, they were really fun to watch and kind of adorable, but this performance was no where near the others. They weren't good vocally and they were out of tune, and yes, they didn't have nowhere to hide. I loved Anastacia's comments, she's really hillarious! The song choice wasn't good either, whose idea was it? I'd love to see them again with something different, where they can really show their talent.

Bridgwater Show Choir

Fascination (Alphabeat) - I really, really liked it! It feeld as an 80s choir and that song fitted them perfectly.  Plus the performance was really dinamic! The red-haired girl has an awesome voice too. But despite all my good comments, why did this guys even auditioned for the show if they were disbanded? I mean, what were they going to do if they win? However, one of the best act of the night!

Original Talent

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) / Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) - Oh, god! This is what I'm talking about! Entertaining, well sang, a perfect performance! They make me remember of last week winners Three Spires. They had two lead vocalists and all those backing dancers, they had beatboxers, breakdancers, weird outfits, crazy laughts, etc. But, despite all this mix, they seemed so integrated, it wasn't too much, it was just perfect! I'm so sad they were eliminated! The judges totally screwed it not choosing them over Swish! The initial female singer has a really interesting voice, very quircky and indie oriented, I would totally buy a solo album of her! Next step: know her name!


 The Power of Love (Jennifer Rush)  / Single Ladies (Beyoncé Knowles) - It was a fun performance overall. One of the biggest and oldest groups to date, DaleDiva actually impressed me a little.  Altough it started a bit rough, when the initial singer almost choked, she had a good opera voice though, they improved when they began with the Beyoncé song, and that dance movements were fun to watch, it was like seeing my grandma dancing, no disrespect intended there!

Love Soul Choir

Shackels (Mary Mary) - Best vocals of the night! That woman has real talent! I'd also buy a solo album of her! They were my favourite of the night, after Original Talent of course. They had great personalities and they performance was stunning, however, I would axe the guys, what's the point in having them if they are not even noticed and outshined by excellent female performers? And I agree with you again today Anastacia, this is real vocal beauty!

The Supergroup

Don't Rain On my Parade (Barbra Streisand) / Umbrella (Rihanna) - 5 more new members tonight! This is better than last week, I can see more individualities which I missed on their last performance, and what they did with their umbellas was cool. Wait! Familiar faces! New members  Tita and Phoebe Lau were on X Factor 2008 "Girlband", which has now disbanded, they sound really good. Wow! Kimberley Ensor, the other new female member is terrific too! A very deep voice, and I love what she does with her eyebrows. Lewis still has the best voice among the boys, and the best body,  he has a raspy and contemporary voice, but new member Kurt-Jordan Townsend is near behind him! His solo was the best of the performance. Really, really good work!

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