The Supergroup is now complete! The last 5 new members have been added to the group and performed with them for the first time in Disneyland Paris this Wednesday. They all look really good, so let's hope they sang as good as they look!

All bios taken from the DSB site HERE.

Read the members bios after the JUMP ...

Jessica Cotton

Jessica came to the London POD to audition for the Supergroup. She loves Jazz and Soul music and her idols are Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday and also singers like Aretha Franklin. She also enjoys dancing and is always the one to be up on the dance floor on a night out. Jessica previously lived and toured around Austria, Italy and Germany in a play and she now gigs around the UK in bands but also works as a retails sales adviser to pay the bills.

Tom Partridge

Tom is 22 years old and has a twin brother called James who is his best mate and 2 minutes older than Tom! The twins were brought up by their mum Jane and when Tom was 13 years old he was devastated when Jane developed breast cancer. To deal with this stressful time Tom used performance as a way to express himself. Happily Jane made a full recovery and from this experience she realised life really was too short and fully supports and encourages Tom to follow his performing dream. Tom is studying a teaching qualification to teach Tap dance to children which he has nearly completed. In addition to this, he is also performing in the UK tour of The Rocky Horror Picture Show starting at the beginning of September.

Talia Ould

Talia moved down to London three years ago to pursue her career as a performer but in order to be able to pay rent she had to take a full time job managing private jets. Once she was settled in London she took the risk and a huge pay cut to start out as a self employed singer and dancer which she has been doing ever since. Talia says she's versatile and has experience of lots of different performance styles from contemporary dance and acrobatics to fronting rock bands and West End style cabaret acts. Her biggest influence as a performer is Freddie Mercury and she heads a rock covers group called the A Team who can been seen at gigs throughout London. By day she is part of Tick Tock Music where she performs an interactive show to under five year olds.

AJ Lewis

AJ was fostered as a baby and grew up with a white family. Growing up being aware of people's differences has really shaped him as a person. Throughout his life, especially in hard times, music has always been his inspiration and the thing that has kept a smile on his face. He has wanted to sing from the age of 5 and doesn’t remember not wanting to be a singer. He managed to convince his parents to let him go to drama school and move to London at 17, and has been performing ever since. He came to audition for the Supergroup in the London POD.

Chess Leigh

When Chess was 19 years old she was offered a place at a top London theatre school and thought all her dreams had come true. However when she came home for Christmas break she discovered she was pregnant. She chose to have the baby, a little boy she called Xavier, but still swore that she wouldn't give up her dream of being on the stage. So she’s now on a mission and is very excited to be part of the Supergroup.
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