The X Factor auditions return to Dublin after 4 years with guest judge Katy Perry! We've the much awaited audition of a Tesco worker and an X Factor contestant returns! Plus, a wierdo parade!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Temple Fire

Wake Me Up (Wham!) - This is a joke, right? Louis wants to kill himself! The ginger midget is so out of sync! What's that dancing? Suck, suck, suck. "Give me a break!" "Tell us the thruth ginger!" I love Katy Perry! She rocks! "In rehersal they were really good", come on! How could they even sound good? No, no, no, no!

Up next: a montage of wierdos. That elder Noel is really funny! "Location isn't the problem" I so love her! Funny! After Louis says it's gonna get better, that man with a tiger suit shows up! "I thought it was ok" (Louis) "I can't believe you are a judge" (Katy). It is your fault Louis!

Sugar Bullet

The Scientist (Coldplay) - I really like them! That cover was pretty unique! I want more! "Sugar Bullet, that's a wierd combination". Simon tells they are boring, really? I liked them a lot!

Sadbh O'Donnel

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) - What a name! She's so pretty! I liked her, she has a very Christina Aguilera meets Kelly Clarkson voice. I wouldn't have picked "Because of You", it gives place to many comparissons that could be avoided picking a male song for instance.

Rebecca Creighton

Cry Me Out (Pixie Lott) - She looks stunning! Her voice is so beautiful ... Very quircky. Will Simon say yes? Yes he does! He is a bit horny, I can tell ... You're right Louis, she saved your day!

Mary Byrne

I Who Have Nothing (Tom Jones) - She works on the tills in Tesco. She could be the oldest person to make it to the liveshows with 50 years, and she definitely will. WOW, OMG! She's the best tonight and so far! I can see her taking the crown at the end! Very deep voice, wicked. My favourite so far. She's really interesting! I could by her album, definitely a Top 3 contestant. The judges and the crowd are really enjoying it! Four yeses of course. She will get far ... Louis can be proud of Dublin!

And we are back at London ...

Matt Cardle

No Good (Amy Winehouse) - He's a painter and he hates it. I like him, he's a very Jason Mraz voice, very quircky indeed. He lacks confidence, however. He looks a bit scared ... The judges love him, and I definetly too! Three yeses? Surely! Simon even tells him he really, really likes him!

Michael Lewis

Rock With You (Michael Jackson) - Oh, Lord! Why?! He is not a Michael Jackson tribute, he is a Michael Jackson mock! He's a walking joke! Simon wants to kick him! Hate him, hate him, hate him. Why?! The audience is booing him! Simon's laughing. MJ must be rolling over in his grave! Why?! Louis your searching for some angry fans? Guards! Kick him out! He blames the audience negativity! Doesn't he has friends? "They can't judge me cause they don't know me". I don't want to see this again ever!

The Reason

Fight For This Love (Cheryl Cole) - I usually hate boybands, but really hate them. This guys appered as Backstreet Boys impersonators but blowed me away! They are singing a Cheryl tune acapella and they are amazing! They look great, sound great, they are the perfect boyband. But they are really unique! I've never seen something so amazing! Louis wants them, I see it in his eyes! Keep him away from this amazing group! They will definitely make the Top 12. You're so right Cheryl! The fact that they didn't jump from once corner to the other is just terrific! They just sang! I love them! Simon supports me! Keep them away from Louis, seriously!


They are amazing! They totally nailed that Gaga's tunes, I love them! They can make it far. I liked the pink haired girl specially, she has some interesting pipes there!


Another great group. They aren't the typical girl group, they sounded really rappy, the song isn't good though. They are through, I want more of this group. The judges agree they are one of the best girl groups they've had!

Princes and Rouges

I hate this guys! They are totally the opposite from The Reason, they are cheesy, old fashioned, I just don't like them. They go through however. Hope they are cut soon.

Annastacia Baker

Proud Mary (Tina Turner)/Make You Feel My Love (Adele) - Annastasia made it to the judges houses in 2008, and totally screwed it there. It was the right choice of course, she wasn't prepared. But she's now! Simon's a point there, it sounds as a Tina Turner impersonator. But she has good pipes! Take your shoes? Why? This Adele tune is going much better! I really, really like her now. She's not the typical black singer, she has some unique tones in her voice, and she also looks terrific now! I love her! She through to the liveshows, I mean, bootcamp ...

And some Xtra Factor contestants ...

Niall Horan

So Sick (Ne-Yo) - He is suppodsely called the irish Justin Beiber ... this is going to suck ... Surprise, not! He does. There are some signs of a good voice, however, but he has to develop it a lot, but really a lot. He is confident but his voice, is a bit mediocre.

Dwayne Edgar

Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - Why? Why are this kids even trying to audition for this? They just can't sing! Horrible voice but huge personality. Will he advance based on that? Louis says yes of course, he Irish! Simon says no, he's sane. Cheryl says ... yes? It all depends from Katy ... All the crowd is shouting. How can she say no to that? It's a yes of course! Oh! He's crying, how sweet!

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