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Storm Lee is one of the rumored Over 28 finalists. Finding information on this guy has been pretty rough! Aparently there's no track of him!! All his videos and sites have been delated recently and there's no much to work with. I think this lack is a good sign, he may really be a finalist, and not just a rumor. Despite this all, I've been able to find something on him ...

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Storm Lee has been one of the most critizized finalists. Even if we haven't heard his voice! According to some people, the 31 year old Edinburgh native who lives in LA has been a headache for many of the contestants as he is apparently extremely cocky (yes, more than Michael Lynche), and has reportedly claimed to have a guaranteed place on the live shows. And he seemed so sweet in the pic ... I think people are judging him too early, first see the guy, then judge him, and in the case he has a guaranteed spot, he wouldn't be showing it off to all the contestants! He would try to seem surprised and maybe cry a bit, but not saying it! And XF producers wouldn't do that, or would they?

Storm has an incredible CV. He worked with Desmond Child, Diane Warren, Meatloaf, Travis Tritt, Ozzy Osbourne, Andreas Carlsson, Matthew Gerrard, Randy Jackson, Lindy Robbins, Billy Steinburg, Lara Fabien, Holly Night, Aldo Nova, Guy Roche, Carrie Underwood, Neil Young, Mark Portman, Billy Mann, Jorgen Oluffson, David Archuleta, Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, just to name a few. Adding more thing to the list, one of his songs was the theme tune for Bravo's show "Step It Up And Dance" and starred on NBC's karaoke game show "The Singing Bee".

With all that experience, is obvious that he has an album. "Soulfillapopkilla", which was released in January 2008 and was produced by Marcus Brown. He also has two singles, "I Came Here To Dance" and "1985". Below, there are the links where you can buy his album and also preview some of his tracks, which don't sound bad at all! I would like to listen them completely tough.

Buy "Soulfillapopkilla" HERE (Amazon) or HERE (CD Universe).
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