I really didn't know how to do this recap. I was thinking in doing a blow by blow recap, but I consider doing that for this stage is a bit boring. Instead, I'll try to sum up what happened, and add some videos of the performances and the decisions. Plus, I'll try to follow the journey of the previously featured contestants and post a list of the final 6 of each group at the end with my predictions! I hope to hear yours too!

Read my bootcamp recap and watch some videos after the JUMP ...

Day 1

Girls are mentored by Natalie, Groups by Guy, Overs by Ronan and Boys by an unhappy Kyl: I don't see why his so angry, he's got one of the strongest categories! And the bootcamp rolls on ....

First, the Overs! Altiyan Childs is the first to perform, and once again, he messes up with the lyrics! I see Harry Abu too behind him, I wanted to see that guy perform! Altiyan, do you have Alzheimer or amnesia? And it seems that memory loss is a recurrent topic in bootcamp! One of my favourite overs is next! James McNally apparently said some dirty thing to Natalie on his audition ... Very good voice!  He's singing "One", as many of the overs .... I'm seeing Rodrigo Alvarado , Olivia Robins ... Yuliya Rai! I so love her! She's so funny! Hot voice! Ronan seems to really like her ... Final bunch of contestants is next ... including the incredible Amanda Grafanakis and Karl Dimachki. I've never liked Karl, I feel sorry for him, but his voice isn't good now, maybe it was before the cancer, but not now. Amanda, however, is amazing! Contemporary, unique and an incredible singer! 

And now we move to Natalie with the Girls! This is a tough category! The wonderful Hayley Teal is first! She's the best of the bunch, no way she's going home ... And she impresses again with her incredible talent! And the memory loss again ... Shy India-Rose Madderom is next, and she's as impressive! Natalie is right, she's not an excellent performer, but her voice is still perfect! Country Nicole Canaway is next and singing a powerful version of Pat Benatar ... I just love her! She's so sweet and her voice is so big! She could be the australian Carrie Underwood. Ashlee Bellchamber shoot! Sally Chatfield is the final performer, and WOW! Love, love, love! She's the aussie Lisa Lois!

Third bootcamp is Guy's groups! First are dirty looking Luke and Joel.What are they wearing? So wierd! Not liking this! Lyrics again ... Yes it was Guy! Sister group Mahogany were really impressive at the auditions ... and they are again! Love their voices and how they sound together, it's so beautiful! Jahmakin it Funky were one of the most unique groups. I love they reggae covers, but the same lines at the end are becoming a bit boring ... Rheeonya are incredible! Guy dosen't like their name, he suggest they change it. They really step up their game! Lazy J and Big Guy are also favourites, tough I still thing Big Guy should be alone, but they sound really good together. Big Guy's voice is amazing! The best of all the groups!

And finally, Kyle's Boys! Daniel Conway is first, I love him and his voice, but Kyle seems not to like him. He's not too impressive, but his voice is really unique. Kyle doesn't like him much ... Andrew Lawson is next. I've always loved his jazzy-indie tone, but that song was so boring! His voice is really good however ... And lyrics again! Kyle is so rude! But he's right. Mitchell Smith will forget his lyrics too? Very smooth and interesting voice, but he screw the lyrics! Kyle laughs in his face, and then a very disappointed Mitchell leaves the stage ... Strange hair twin Chris Doe is next. He's got talent, that's for sure! Why was that song so short?!
My favourite boy, the adorable Darcy Callus is the next one. Oh! That's strange, why did he fasten up that song so much?! It sounded good, but it was really wierd. George Walter, the powerful voiced kid, impresses both Kyle and guest judge! Not this kid! TJ Alcaniz, I don't like him at all! He really looks crazy! Kyle's  face!  Chuky! Voice? Kind of interesting, but his crazy eyes distract me a bit ...

And now, the results! First is Ronan. He'll choose his Top 12. Tony Munnings is the first in, and he's followed by Dean Misdale, some guys I've never seen, Yuliya Rai, James McNally and Amanda Grafanakis. Ronan is keeping Altiyan Childs? He sucks really bad! And where are Harry Abu and Rodrigo Alvarado?! They were so robbed ... Natalie's decision is next ...  India-Rose Madderom is the first one in! Sabrina Mitwall and Jessica Duchesne are both throught, followed by Sally Chatfield, Hayley Teal and Alice McDermott. And in an unexpected twist, Natalie puts throught Nicole Canaway! So she has a Top 13. Guy's decision ... Rheeonya are the first group in! And some other sister groups, such as The Real Sisters and Brother Love. Jahmakin It Funky and Mahogany are also in, as well as Luke and Joel.  Finally, Kyle's decision. First in is Darcy Callus! Next are George Walter, Chris Doe, Andrew Lawson, Daniel Canaway, TJ Alcaniz and Mitchell Smith. And bootcamp day 1 is over!

Day 2

We go back to Ronan. Now only 6 contestants will go throught to judges houses. Altiyan Childs should have learned the lyrics now. And, no ... he screws it again! That man really has a problem, he can't forgot his words so often!  How is he still in? He's voice isn't so unique after all, he's just another cocky rocker wannabe. And many forgot their lyrics too, including Tony Munnings. Yuliya Rai is kind of cheating, she wrote the lyrics in her arm. She sounds good, and I love her personality, but that lyric issue isn't good, but she's so funny! Amanda Grafanakis is definetly the best in the Overs, but the other contestants shown after her are really good too! And immediatly after that, the results. First in is quircky Max Jahufer. Yuliya Rai takes the stage, but she's sent home?! Why?! Tony Munnings is also in, joined by James McNally, Olivia Robins and Amanda Grafanakis. Will Altiyan made it? I hope he isn't! Altiyan Childs is the last one in, sending home an star-ready girl! Unfair!

The Girls bootcamp continues. Alice McDermott is the first performing, and he nails "Use Somebody", she's so young, but she seems much older! Why does she dress like a 30 something woman?, but I really love her voice. Sabrina Mitwall takes the stage, I like her voice! It's interesting. Samantha Clarke is next, she's so good, but she forgets the words ... Nicole Canaway is the next one, she didn't know any of the songs in the list, really? She forgets the lyrics and starts crying, poor thing! I so loved her voice! Beautiful Ashlee Bellchambers is after weepy Nicole, and her beauty and stage presence, matched with her stunning voice is still impressing me! I want that girl in the Top 12! Brittany Pavlo is after, why haven't they showed her before? She's so beautiful and her tone is so amazing! Very Colbie Caillat. And one of the auditions favourite follows, debt collector Madison Pritchett. The girls are so good! Natalie will have problems choosing them! Mali-koa Hood, Suthu Dumezweni and India-Rose Madderom all step up their games! Hayley Teal and Jessica Duchesne also proved Natalie's choice was right. Impressive Sally Chatfield is one of the few screwing her lyrics, but her voice is still so amazing! Can they all go throught? Brittany Pavlo, Madison Pritchett and Jessica Duchesne are all eliminated! And also Sabrina Mitwall and Suthu Dumezweni. Ashlee Bellchambers, Alice McDermott and Hayley Teal are the first lucky few. Nicole Canaway is next, and she's eliminated. I feel sorry, I really liked her! Samantha Clarke, India-Rose Madderom and Sally Chatfield are the last girls joining Natalie's Top 6!

And now we are joining Guy in his bootcamp ... Rheeonya are now named Kharizma. They are screwing their lyrics a bit, but they are still amazing. Guy tells them that if they don't know the lyrics they can't connect with the song. Lyrics issue again! Lazy J and Big Guy, Cupido Sisters, De Sorelle and Brother Love all forgot their words. Jahmakin It Funky are the first sing on hope! They bring some cool reggae! And Luke and Joel haven't done a bad work either. Sisters groups are next, Mati Sisters and The Real Sisters, both impress Guy with their amzing vocals.  D.S.S. and M.O.S. are both too similar, and any is very good, both screwing their lyrics. Mahogany are the last group, and they are still my favourite! Sweet vocals girls! And the results: Cupido Sisters, De Sorelle, D.S.S. and M.O.S. are eliminated first. First groups in are Luke and Joel, Lazy J and Big Guy and Jahmakin It Funky! Followed by Mahogany and Kharizma! Brother Love is also eliminated, followed by Mati Sisters, which left The Real Sisters going throught!

And the final bootcamp is Kyle's Boys! Thomas Lang is the first, followed by Michael Eifler, both who fail to impress Kyle. Andrew Lawson follows and now he's really terrific! Much better than all his past performances! Mitchell Smith is next, and he's actually pretty good! My other favourtie is also singing. Trent Bell! But he screws the words. Fuck Trent! I really liked you!  Some short performances by Darcy Callus, Chris Doe, Daniel Canaway and George Walter. Few performances in this bootcamp ... And the results roll on! NO! Daniel Canaway is eliminated! He was one of my favourites! Why?! Darcy Callus and Chris Doe are both throught! Michael Eifler is next, and he's eliminated. George Walter is also staying, along Andrew Lawson and TJ Alcaniz?! Mitchell Smith and Trent Bell are left ... Mitchell is in and Trent out! No! I really liked Trent! He'll be back next year, I bet it!

And that was the bootcamp! Here's a little list of the finalists and my Top 12 predictions, which are in bold ...


Andrew Lawson

Mitchell Smith

Chris Doe

George Walter

Darcy Callus

Thomas TJ Alcaniz


Samantha Clarke

India-Rose Madderom

Hayley Teal

Ashlee Bellchambers

Alice McDermott

Sally Chatfield

Olivia Robins

Altiyan Childs

Amanda Grafanakis

Tony Munnings

James McNall

Max Jahufer



Luke and Joel

The Real Sisters

Lazy J and Big Guy

Jahmakin It Funky


Which are your predictions?! X Factor AU continues next Sunday and Monday with the Judges Houses, where the final acts will become only 12!
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