Andreya Triana is a newcomer in the music scene. Being signed by Ninja Tune, she has already released an album, her debut, "Lost Where I Belong", which was available for downlod on August 23.

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This is a slow album. Very, very slow! And well, after all, slowness is characteristic from downtempo,  to which Andreya definitely belongs. I personally don't enjoy this style much. I feel the abscence of variety, like there's something missing. And there's not really much variety, many songs sound exactly the same, like the only thing that changes are the lyrics. But "Lost Where I Belong" might be the rule to the exception. Although many of the songs sound alike, there is rythm and variety between them. "Up in Fire" and "Something in the Silence" seem to be from another record. They feel much more different than the other tracks, they appear to be influenced by latin beats and jazzy sounds, total opposites from the soft romantic ballads it has. "Something in the Silence" is really catchy, in spite of still being quiet slow. And even if all songs sound similar, their lyrics are worth a listen! Take it as if someone was reading you a book! The album is a journey from beginning to end, with all the leaps and bounds involved. Summing up, this album may come as boring and lame to the inexperienced ear, but with a little bit of knowledge in the matter, you would be able to appreciate this beautiful snail!

Lost Where I Belong:

A Town Called Obsolete:

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