The second audition aired on Tuesday 31 August. The auditions will go on till today, and then we'll go to bootcamp. What a great way of getting all the auditions in a week. I've never enjoyed them much, however, we have some stand-outs who really deserve to be watched!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

JD - This guy will suck ... He looks like a fake rapper. What? A gun/belt? All audience is booing his out-of tune performance. Kyle is mocking him! What's that fake laugh? It's scary ...  Watch out for the gun ...

Mitchell Smith - He's 16 and says he's influenced by his mother. He'll sing "Chasing Cars" ... and WOW! He's actually really good! Nice work momma! He's that kind of quircky soft voice, which is really fashionable nowadays. He admits he's scared ... and tells Ronan he doesn't know Boyzone, funny! I like this kid! Four yeses!

I don't like this short montages of good singers, in any Idol/X Factor show. They don't show much of them and we can't enjoy their voices. First up is Stef Barney, who is 16. From the 6 seconds we listened to her, I can't tell I already love her! And that voice, wow, beautiful.  Alice McDermott comes next. She's wearing a really wierd dress. I'm impressed too with her age. Only 16! She seemed much older, it's the dress! Burn it! Great powerful big voice! She's incredible. Neridah Leishman  is the final act in this montage. She's a single mother, who is 37. She brings a really powerful performace, and yes, she's very lovable!

Rheeonya - They are a sisters duo with a wierd name. They are sang "Valerie" and they nailed it! Amazing voices!! And I love this cover more than the original Amy Winehouse song. I think they'll make it to the liveshows ... Incredible performace! Best so far! They should change their name however ...

Lee-roy Jackson - Last week we saw the dreadful Michael Lewis on the X Factor UK, now, we have the as much dreadful Lee-roy Jackson! He's a joke, right? Oh, Lord! What have I done to you! What's this?! How have he done that wierd, creepy voice? No, no, no, no. Don't you ever come back!!

Mher Balian - He picked the boring "Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban, how will that go? The most boring introduction ever! Start singing please! More than 30 seconds! He's got a really beautiful voice! The wait was worth it! He could be a great opera singer, but I don't know he fits for the show ... He should try something more contemporary, but he has a terrific voice, so, good job! And he's sweet! Four yeses.

Another montage of great chicks! First, Ashlee Bellchambers. Really excellent! She's gorgeous, she sings beautifully and has a heaven-like phrasing. Next, Jessica Duchesne, who sings a beautiful rendition of Leona Lewis's "Run". She's another incredible auditioner. Samantha Clarke is the last one taking the stage. Big, powerful voice! Natalie says she is what they have been waiting! All go through to bootcamp.

Altiyan Childs - Oh, him again! Will he remember the words? Cockier than ever ... And the wierd dancing and faces ... I'm not impressed. He's good, but it's a bit tribute singer. He's not breathtaking. Please, say no, say no! And it's a ... yes. Dissapointed. Guy is the only one sane in this panel.

Daniel Conaway - Daniel was part of many bands and is 21. He's speaking voice is strange. Will he sing good? Mmm, I like it! He sounds similar to Jason Reeves meets country. The guy is interesting! Beautiful "Babilon" cover, never expected this coming! Kyle thinks he will forgot to come back to the show! Four yeses for quircky Daniel!

Karl Dimachki - Karl is a tongue cancer survivor, that's the reason why he can't speak properly. Will he be able to sing? He can sing ok. Not impressive, but ok, considering what happened to him.  Natalie is crying! He's very emotional on stage, but I wouldn't buy an album of him. He didn't sound very good, but taking into account his limitations, he's really good. I would have said no too ... But his through, so, congrats!

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