UPDATE: My prediction was RIGHT!  The judges houses rejected contestants will return to the show on the first live show and then the judges will pick one of them to join their categories. Probably this will happen at the beggining, and then the contestants will have to perform. I'm loving this!!!!!! This is one of the best news ever! It's not yet certain if all four acts will advance to the live shows or if the public is going to vote for only one of them to advance. However, my predictions are: The Reason or Husstle for the Groups, Yuli Minguel for the Overs, John Wilding  or Paije Richardson for the Boys and for the Girls ... any could advance, it all depends of their judges houses performances, but I suspect Cheryl will pick TrayC Cohen or Gamu Nhengu, or maybe Annastacia Baker, or Keri Arrindel, what about Raquel Thomas?. See?! They are all amazing!

It's been recently reported by ITV, which airs the show, that the first live show of the seven series will air for two and a half hours on October 9!!! That means 2:30 hours of singing!!! Accordingly, the lenght of the show is due to a surprise for us viewers!! I like surprises! As I'm seeing it, the big surprise will be a fourth contestant of each category advancing, as Sinitta reveled earlier this year, which was later denied. This will be great news, and I hope this is the surprise. If this is true, the series will also be the longest, which explains why the show is expected to end on January 2011. I don't know, it makes sense for me, doesn't it?

What do you think is the big surprise? Comment!
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