This is the final auditions show! It aired on Spetember 2. Bootcamp will air on Sunday and Monday, 4 and 5 September. Stay till the end ... a magnificent must see audition waits!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

First up is Gina Valera, 41. First line was good, second line was ok, third line was horrible!!! She's only getting worse ... "Did you like it?" NO! Her crawling! OMG! Four nos in a row! Congrats! Richard Love is next. What's this? Does it say university student there? Oh, Lord! What's that Michael Turnbull? Go backstage and shot yourself! Please! Tony Hays is the last one of this mediocre bunch ... boring!

Yuliya Rai - She's 28 and is from Ukranie, where she was pretty successful, and actually famous. She released 3 albums with some hits back home. She fell in love with an australian guy and moved there. WOW! I like her! Pretty interesting turn on "If I were a Boy"! Considering she's not australian, her accent is good! She invented part of the song! But she's cool! I really like her! Adorable, funny and good singer! "Do you like cleaning?" Who does? Yuliya is through with three yeses! Natalie, why did you say no?!


Elizabeth Hylton - She's 36 and trained in opera. She's got an interesting tone and the opera really shows! I feel it a bit old fashioned, but she's not that bad! I don't guess why they were laughing, I've seen many funnier contestants.  She's got four nos, but maybe she could try for Australia Got Talent. Oh, she looks heart-broken!

Luke and Joel - I don't really know how I feel about them. They aren't bad singers, but they are just too usual and cliched. And they look dirty, doesn't they? Four yeses ...

  James McNally - What a voice! Didn't expected that deep and powerful voice coming from this guy! The Over 25s category looks big this year ... I'm looking forward for more of him!

Chris Doe - He's a twin and is auditioning for XF to search his real father? What a wierd answer! I'd cut this guys hair right away! But his voice is really good! I feel some raspy tones, he's very good! He may be part of Top 12 by now ...

A montage of sisters duos ... and they all suck ... Citing Kyle, "Massive Disaster".

Mahogany - Will this four sisters earn four yeses? They definitely look good ... Guy already see them ... They are singing acapella ... and it's absolutely perfect. I want their genes! How lickely is it to have four terrific singing daughters?!  They are the most strong group I've seen this far. Perfect vocal, looks and personalities. Four massive yeses!

Some guys that don't deserve being mentioned are next.

Madison Pritchett - She looks godd, but will she sing good? She's a debt collector, dont't hate me, she says. Oh yes! That's what I'm talking about! Madison is really good! Never expected that big voice coming from that little girl! Really amazing! The talent keeps getting better here! Another potential finalist!

Another montage of wierdos, they all suck to sum up! What's this freak, Brendon something! He's definitely out of this world!

Tony Munnings - He looks like this tough country big guy. He's 41 and has two daughters. He's singing "Proud Mary", and it's nailing it! Not the most unique voice, but he has this country type of tone. He's ready for a country album! Tony should work on his image a bit, he doesn't looks like a singer, but his voice is totally good! Kyle is saying what I am! He must have came from chopping trees! That was funny!


Come on! Kaspa?! That's a name? He's rubbish. Did he say it was a bet?  Ronan stands up and leaves! Don't waste our time!

 Sally Chatfield - She's the last of the night ... She looks interesting. And I bet she has a good voice! OMG, WOW! Sally is the best! She and Hayley Teal from last night will be in the Top 3 for sure. Sally has a very similar voice to Lisa Lois's one, the X Factor Netherland S2 winner. Very powerful and deep! How is it possible she's not signed and selling millions of records? Love, love, love, love this chick! My only bad comment, I don't quiet like the nose piercing, but she's incredible! Kyle is kissing her feet!!!! That's like ten standind Os. There's no way she won't be in our Top 12!

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