The second semifinal takes off! 5 more acts will compete for two places on the final, due for Septembre 19. Performing tonight: The Pictures, Kyle, Trinity Band, Ebony Steel Band and Emma's Imagination. The acts performances will be released on iTunes and Sky Songs, and all the profits go for them! No pennies for the show, so make sure you buy them!

Read my recap, watch the videos and buy the songs after the JUMP ...

The Pictures

I so love them! His voice is so cool! I really love the Brandon Flower-ish tone he's and as I've said before, they are really similar to The Killers. They are singing a new song, "Tears". I liked the first song a bit more, but this is absolutely amazing! He pulls some wierd faces while performing, which are a bit distracting. But that voice, WOW! My favourite tonight, despite being the first! They've got three yeses! There's no way they are eliminated tonight!

Buy "Tears" HERE or HERE.


I like Kyle, and he's a really good pianist, but it's a bit boring ... I won't buy an all piano CD for example. He will play "Red". What an original name! He must see red all around when he plays it, he must really think of better names for his songs, the last one was named "Green". Hum, he hasn't changed any of my opinions. He's still boring, but extremely talented. Maybe if he's joined by a singer he'll be ten times better. "Green" was better, this was too slow and I think he didn't showed all his potential. Jamie for example, is really sucessful cause he also sings, not only plays the piano. He gets three yeses, but I don't think it was enough to get him through ...

Buy "Red" HERE or HERE.

Trinity Band

Never really saw this guys perform, so I can't really comment on them without listening to them. They will sing their own "This Must Be Love". I actually really like them. It's very dancable, rap meets electro-disco. This is very catchy also! But this song however is a bit poor ... It's like always the same thing, and the "Must Be The Music" part is so cheesy!, but the singer's voice is pretty powerful! Dizzee says yes, Jamie no and Sharleen yes. I think they'll be eliminated too ...

Buy "This Must Be Love" HERE or HERE.

Ebony Steel Band

Their sound is so unique! I've never seen something similar and as I say before, the sound really similar like the "Little Mermaid", will they change this opinion tonight? They've been together for 40 years! They'll perform Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music". This is so funny! But a good funny! The song sounds really well and it's absolutely catchy! WOW! I didn't expected that singing part! It's even better with it! I definitely enjoyed that a lot! They get three nos! Why?! I actually liked them! I guess they won't get through after this.

Buy "Don't Stop The Music" HERE or HERE.

Emma's Imagination

She's one of my favourites on the competition. She's definitely has a secured spot in the final. Emma is so lovely and her name is terrific! She'll sing her own "This Day". OMG! This song is much better than her audition one! It's so beautiful! Her voice sounds really quircky and very pure ... She's so natural when singing! Best of the night! The perfect performance! And I love her personality, she looks really sincere! Three obvious yeses! And Emma will definitely go through!

Buy "This Day" HERE or HERE.

Sharleen is performing! And she's as lovely as always. I've always been a fan of her, she's like the queen of indie! And now the results! Who will go through? Jamie thinks The Pictures and Emma will be on the final. Dizzee agrees with Jamie. And Sharleen too. I think they will go through too! The first one through is ... EMMA'S IMAGINATION!! The second through is THE PICTURES!!! What a wierd celebration! I predicted this last week, the judges predicted it too, it was a bit obvious I guess ...

Performing next week in the last semi-final are: Hero, Kyan, CK Gospel Choir, Toxic Funk Berry and Missing Andy. My predictions: Hero definetly and Kyan or Missing Andy, but I think it will be Kyan.
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