Auditions continue with Natalie Imbrugila  stepping in for Dannii. The worst audition, but the funniest, is in this episode! Plus some top 12 possible candidates!

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We start with an horrific montage of twins. First are The Evans Twins, who sang awfaul and then are the hedious Bejon, who surprisely get throught, what were you thinking Cheryl? And finally, we've got ...


They came all the way from Paris to audition for the show. I hate how they speak! I want to punch them! Simon's face! Love it! Twem means twin in arabic, how original! They know that France's an X Factor, right? They are singing "Just Dance", they are, being too good, funny. Their voices are ok, nothing out from this world. No originality, Louis seems to love them, however. They get the "adorable" vote for sure, but I don't like them at all! "This is the effect you're now having in Europe, is the two monsters you created spreading through Europe". Great joke Simon! No one could have say it better! Louis says yes, Simon no and Cheryl ... yes?! What's wrong with her? They weren't cute! "Sometimes in life, you've got to say no". So true again Simon! Give some lessons to Cheryl and Louis.

Storm Lee

Storm is a 37 year old scottish living in LA who came just to audition for the show, he could have waited a year, what a waste of money, he's to anxious I guess ... He's very cocky and believes he'll win, wrong attitude man! Who cares how you get here?! He changed his name to Storm Lee when he was 16, adding Storm to the original Lee Gardener. I like his voice but wrong song! Too cliche! Oh Simon! That was rude! Just because you don't like his name you don't have to call him how you want! Simon is making him sing again! Much better! He's a raspy and very rocky voice. He hits some good notes there! Cheryl is behind Storm with the name thing. Simon joke on changing his name to Lighting. That wasn't a good joke, sorry man!

Ruth-Ann St Luce

She calls Simon Lighting, funny! She's only 16, but has a beautiful voice! Maybe a bit immature, but I really like her energy! She's very lively and so sweet! I don't think she'll make it, however, based on the amount of great female performers in the competition.

John Adeleye, 29,  auditions next, very soulish and pure voice, kind of similar to John Legend's one. Elesha Moses, 29, is after him, WOW! Great voice! Why didn't they showed more? She's terrific! Very deep, powerful voice!

Liam Payne

Liam first auditioned in 2008 when he was 14, but got sent home in judges houses by Simon. It was a good decision, he wasn't ready. Now, 16, he's willing to prove Simon wrong. He'll sing "Cry Me A River". What a voice kiddo! Very jazzy, Michael Buble-ish. Bad comment, I don't like when he opens his mouth so much, it looks a bit wierd. His voice is terrific, however, it has an interesting tone and phrasing, I'm digging him! Four yeses and Liam is throught to bootcamp!

Patti Eleode

Patti is 41 and is a housewife. She's branded as the best worst audition, but it's still a horrible audition! The crowd loves her, don't know why. She doesn't sound in tune not even one time, horrible, horrible, horrible. And her voice is so annoying! It sounds as a drawning cat!

Scott Archer

What a wierd man! He believes he can win? Poor kid, he's so lost! He says he sang four hours straight in a parking lot. The worst of the night! He believes his a rockstar!

Cher Lloyd

She looks exotic! And I love her name! Ans she's also funnt! Will Cher sound as good as she looks? She'll sing "Turn My Swag On". OMG! Love her so much! But insane love! Cher, you've just gained a stalker! And that wierd faces?! They go so well with that song! She's the best of the night! Definite top 12! If she's not in, something is wrong with this show! What a cool audition! She's just schooled all the previous contestants! And she's so young, only 16! Cher has the X Factor! Four yeses obviously!

Keri Arrindell

I love that afro! And she's so beautiful! She sound very indie, an Eliza Doolitle style maybe. Powerful voice also! She's got four yeses!

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho is next, a retired PE teacher who is 54. He looks like a wierd pirate, but he's funny! A very operatic voice, I kind of like him, he's really unusual! Justin Vanderhyde is after. He says he's dutch, portuguese and indian. That ears can't be natural! And who wants to have elve ears also? He looks extra wierd! His voice isn't that bad, but I don't really like him, he's too usual.

TreyC Cohen

TrayC is back! She looks much better with straight hair! WOW, "You've got the Love" cover is amazing! The other great audition of the night! She's so intense and her voice is so incredible! Another Top 12 finalist for sure! I'm so glad she's back! She was missed last year!


Best friends, ex-best friends after auditioning and best friends again now. This will be so wrong and horrible! Judges won't like it! That girl is screwing things! She's just called Louis old! Well, he is! "We kind of randomly sing" She has just shut up the audience! And now one of them is gone! They'll sing Shane Ward. Ouch! That hurts! They really are the worst audition ever! "Can we just stop?" Oh! They are mad! Simon says they got the worst attitude any contestant has had! And they really are. Lisa has just asked Natalie who she was! And now Abby has punched Lisa in her face! WTF?! Calm that wierdos! You've got to see this trainwreck! But, really, see it, it's too funny!

New Status

They were called Harmony Hood last year, when they were eliminated at Louis house. Now with three more members and a new name, New Status are willing to impress the judges. Will they? They do! They´ve got four yeses and are through to bootcamp again!

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