Finally! Bootcamp is here! And so are the final 32 ... The remaining contestants will battle for 6 days for one of the golden 8 spots to advance to judges houses, where our Top 12 will be reveled!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Day 1

Loads of familiar faces! Twem, Cher, TrayC, Gamu, Tom, Nial, Charlene, Mary, Yuli, Keri, etc. A little advice from Simon to all the contestants, and bootcamp is on! All Girls will sing "If I Were a Boy", Boys "Man in the Mirror", Groups "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and Overs "Poker Face". Overs song choice is rought! I can't picture Mary Byrne singing that! This is a good idea to chop many contestants in a few hours.

First are the Overs. Stephen Hunter, Yuli, TrayC, Justin, that polish guy with the wierd name, the old drunk man, Hollie Burns, Wagner, Matt Cardle, Mary, Marlon, Storm, all share a few seconds of camera. And that happens with all the categories. Fuck! I hate when they do that! Tobias Sumpton is the first to crumble on stage with a very bad note. Lots of tears there.

The girls are practicing, and guess who's late? Chloe Victoria! Who's just woke up from a long night partying. Annastasia! That's a talented girl! And Cher! All my dreams in that wierd bottle! Katie Waissel is also my favourite! I so love her! Guess the producers are looking for a female winner this year. Can we just do a final 12 girls competition? They are the most talented for sure!

And now, the cuts! Two lines for each category, a yes line and a no line. Interesting ...

First there's a boy line, the six-pack guy and Tobias are there. Overs line, polish guy is eliminated along with an asian guy. Groups line next, I only recognize Noir there, and finally a girls line, where Caroline is standing. And then, four yes lines jump in joy.

Day 2

The acts will have some dancing lessons with Biran Friedman and no acts will be eliminated. Pretty boring filler ... Zain Malik is the only one who refuses to dance, but is finally convinced by Simon.

Day 3

At last! The real singing begins! This is the final challenge! The acts will choose a song from a list of 40, and then will perform in front of Simon, Louis and Nicole comes back!

Cher Lloyd

She's really my favourite and my early pick to win it all! She's so unique! Quircky, wierd and a perfect vocalist! What's that? OMG! Love, love, love!!! That's really cool! I also really like her hands movements and her funny and wierd faces! Oh, Cher! You're so original and lovely! That song could be recorded right now and it would sell million of copies! One of the best bootcamp performances ever.

Keri Arrindell

Another favourite of mine. She's very Corinne Bailey Rae, same look an pretty similar voices. If she's not through, I'd kick someone! I'm digging her voice, and she looks so sweet while performing!

Princes and Rouges

I don't like them! I can't stand their look and their voices aren't so unique after all, there are lots of more interesting groups, which could really have a carrer. The only thing I like about them is their name, but they won't gain anything with that ...

Harry Styles

I don't like him also. He's really boring!! I can't see what the judges see in the kid, he's really, really dull! There's plenty of contestants who can school this guy, so please, leave the show!

Charlene Dawson

She's a little cute package with a giant voice! She's 17 but looks like she's 12. She's just lovely!! I accidentaly watched her audition in the Xtra Factor, and I must say, that girl has pipes! However, her voice isn't as unique as many of the girls ones.

TrayC Cohen

She's one of my favourites since last year! Her voice is incredible! The way she hits those high notes is amazing, always on tune and incrediblly enjoyable! She has props from me, I'm a TrayC fan!

Storm Lee

He's a good voice, but he's too predictable. Storm tries too hard to seem like a rockstar and his voice doesn't has any uniqueness. It looks just like a copycat. I'd like Storm to be Storm. And not trying to pull a huge show, when it's obvious he can't achieve it. He's voice is good, but it's just to common. "I want to put his voice in somebody else". That's it Simon! Great idea!

Chloe Victoria

Can't stand this girl! Her voice is incredible, but she's so annoying! Shut up! And dress like a proper woman! She's screwing it! Her voice has a really interesting tone, but she isn't hitting the right notes, and she's forgetting the lyrics. You've just blown all your chances in this competition dear!


Cool version of "Pack Up"! I like this guys! Very JLS I must say. Their voices are really listenable and enjoyable, I would buy a CD with that kind of stuff ...

Chrissie Pitt

I love her face! Deep and big voice! But a little bit boring, don't know if that song was enough to make her advance in the competition. It was too simple! She doesn't stand out with all that incredible girls ...

Karl Brown

Really like this kid! Great voice, phrasing, look. Is he wearing a shoe of each color? Cool! He's also pretty cute, isn't him?

Tom Richards

I like his voice, but it's a bit bland. That song is improving a lot! I'm digging it a lot by the end! Big notes! I knew he could pull them, but this sounds pretty good. I'm a little fan of Tommy now ... I think the same Nicole!

Liam Payne

I love Liam! He always looks great and his voice is amazing! I would like to cut his hair tough! And getting rid of that Justin Beiber look. Another candidate for a boyband I think!

Stephen Hunter

He's good, but I can't stand him! I hate his dancing and the exagerated operatic voice. Get rid of all that and I may be digging Stephen a little bit more. But if that's not going to happen, please, cut him!

Yuli Minguel

Love, love, love! The best voice in the Overs behind Mary! Great look and really deep voice! Love that she's dutch and came to the UK to audition even if they have their own version there. She could win here or in any other country. She's amazing! I'm on team Yuli!

Marlon McKenzie

Another great act! I found his voice really cool. And I can't remember where I've seen this guy, but I know I know him! That voice and that face is difficult to forget!

The Reason

They impressed me once, and the impressed me twice! They look so under-rehersed, and that's what make them unique. Love their harmonies and how they manage to make the songs their own. Really impressive!

John Wilding

Cool voice but wierd look and faces! What's he wearing? And what's that hair? Wierd! His voice, however, is incredible! I like this wierdo a lot!

Matt Cardle

Hee's my other favourite! He looks so Jason Mraz and sounds so similar, that it makes me impossible not to like him. And he's a terrific singer! He might not hit all the notes perfectly, but his tone and phrasing is so beautiful! Really indie/acoustic guy. Just my type of singers! Love Matt!

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