Bootcamp is about to be over and the decision is about to be made! The remaining contestants will continue with the battle for one of the golden 8 spots to advance to judges houses, where our Top 12 will be reveled!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Day 5

The remaining acts will sing for their lives, and one of the spots in the Top 32!! Simon, Louis and Nicole are back to make the decision ...

Katie Waissel

Another favourite of mine. She might be a little annoying but that voice is absolutely terrific! She so quircky!! As I've already said, very Diana Vickers! Beautiful phrasing, beautiful tone and I've bet she's a terrific recording voice! I also love her image and the crazy outfits she wears. One of the bests versions of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"!


Diva Fever

I hate this guys! Hate them greatly! I don't care if they are gay, but I don't like the fact that they act like drag queens, why can't they act as normal guys? Their voices are so-so after all. I hate the one with the red thing in his face the most, at least the other is a little cute. But I'd never buy a record of them or even go to their show. What are they? Two over the top theatrically obsessed gay teens with ok voices.

Justin Vanderhyde

I like his voice, but I don't like looking at him! I can't stand that elf face he has, and that ears! I bet they aren't natural! Maybe if I close my eyes I can enjoy this ... and I can, a little bit ...


Hate! Hate! Hate! Should I say more? I don't like their voices, their look, their personalities. Louis likes them because he likes twin acts but that kids are horrible really. Simon is the only serious one, he hates them as I do!

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

He's so wierd! He looks like those crazy old men who are often show as serial killers, but I must recognize he's got an unique look. He's voice is very operatic and strange, never heard something like that, and I don't know if I like it. Maybe if I hear a little more of him I would ...

Aiden Grimshaw

He's my favourite boy! Unique look, voice, face, and extremely quircky. He shouldn't close his eyes so much, I guess he feels really uncomfortable on stage, but he's the best singer among the boys. I would buy everything he releases, and I really want my hair like that! One of the best so far for sure!

Annastacia Baker

I'm so glad she's back! I love her deep powerful voice! Those notes she can hit are extremely rare among such young singers. She could be a contender if she keeps working like that. Annastacia is very similar to TrayC in a way, powerful and deep voices in very young and charming girls!

Elesha Moses

I like her, but that song was so wrong! She sounded pretty boring and she was out of tune many times. I would be surprised if she advances based on that. However, I know she has potential, she was stunning in her audition and her voice was perfect. I think it was song choice fail this time.


I really like this group! It's really different from what you may expect of a girl band. the blonde one is the best singer there, after all, she's the frontwoman. They are very rap and hip-hop orientated, which I'm really digging!

Rebecca Ferguson

Another girl I love! OMG, I'm in love with many of the girls. WOW. Rebecca is so amazing! She tottaly reworks every song she's handed and does an incredible work with them. "Like a Star" sounds ten times better sang by her! She should work her stage precense, but apart from that, she's absolutely ready! If she doesn't make it, I'd stop watching this show! Yes it is judges! Could you please record that song for me?!

Nicolo Festa

He's really an arrogant diva! But I still like him! How is this possible? He's voice is incredible and "Life on Mars" sounds awesome on him! I'd vote for the italian every week if he keeps singing like that! When he speaks he looks a bit boring, but when he sings it's just a big WOW.

Paije Richardson

A classical big black voice! However, he still manages to sound unique and contemporary! He's still is a bit wierd for his face and body, but that voice would make struggles with the right guidance!

Jo Beetlestone

She's so beautiful! She looks like Lucie Jones bigger sister. And her voice is really sweet! It makes me relax and feel really peaceful. I like Jo!! I love Jo!!

John Adeleye

Wierd but cool! I like his hat and jazzy style, but I don't know how he would fit in this competition. I fear if he advances to the Top 12 he would be eliminated on the first week, and I wouldn't like that because I really digg his voice! Maybe with a little modernization he could be a real contender ...

Raquel Thomas

Our McDonald's worker! A Big Mac please. She looks so sweet and nice, and her voice ... really good. Very similar to Corinne's. It's also powerful, but not too much, she can hit high notes, but I don't know how many she can ...

Mary Byrne

The best voice in the Overs! I really, really like Mary. Her voice and her personalite. She's very mothery! I would like to pick the song for her and I would choose really contemporary songs, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, just to see what she can do with them! We know she is great with old big songs but how can she handle newer ones?

Gamu Nenghu

Gamu is so adorable! I want to eat her!  Her voice is so beautiful, maybe it's not so unique as many of the other girls voices, but it's a heartful voice! It makes you emotion and you can feel it on your heart. Very jazzy also and incredibly on tune!

Day 6

Decision time! The judges will now select our final 32 finalists! Who will survive the cut and which acts will be facing the axe?! Two new changes this year! 8 finalists for each category and the Over 25 is now an Over 28 category. TrayC and Marlon look really worried with this change!

First are the girls! The first advancing is Katie Waissel, who is joined by Raquel Thomas, Keri Arrindel, TrayC Cohen, Annastacia Baker, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Gamu Nenghu. I hate it when Gamu is crying! I want to punch her!

Now the Overs! Stephen Hunter, Yuli Minguel, Storm Lee, Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, Justin Vanderhyde, John Adeleye and Mary Byrne. Why are them only 7? Why isn't  Elesha Moses there?

The Groups are next! First advancing are Twem, who are joined by The Reason, Diva Fever?, F.Y.D., Princes and Rouges, Husstle, only 6?

And finally the Boys. John Wilding, Nicolo Festa, Paije Richardson, Aiden Grimshaw, Marlon McKenzie, Karl Brown, Matt Cardle and Tom Richards are all through!

The judges are calling some of the eliminated boys and girls, they are going to form two groups of them. A girl group and a boy group. Girls are Esther Campbell, Rebecca Creighton, Geneva Lane and Sophia Wardman. Boys are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. I really like the girl one, the boys are a little teen boyband, don't know how I feel about that.

And finally, the judges learn which category are they judging. Dannii gets the Boys. Cheryl the Girls. Louis the Overs. And Simon the Groups. Cheryl and Danii have the best categories, while Louis has a rough time with his, Simon is really enjoying the decision ...
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