Last time, our Top 7 sang hits they were raised on but unfortunately, for Swedish brothers JTR, it was the end of their run on the show. Tonight, the judges will be picking songs for the other acts, so expect some poor acts to be thrown under the bus by Foo. ... It's time to face the music!

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Taylor Henderson

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"Wake Me Up" - 8/10 - Taylor keeps blaming his tight jeans for last week's mistakes. Dannii picked this one because she wanted to hear something aside from acoustic ballads. "You can't go wrong with a bit of dance" she says. Ronan should be thanking Dannii, this is such a great pick for him. It's not such a big risk cause it's still kinda in Taylor's wheelhouse but it's also way more upbeat than he's used to. He coped wonderfully with it, his vocals were excellent and his attitude was spot on. Has he ever looked more confident than tonight? I don't think so. The one part I didn't like was when he started jumping but other than that, this was a pretty stellar performance. He gets a standing ovation. "There was no fear, you just went for it, probably for the first time. To be given a song like that and to do that, you've come full circle for me, well done" (Nat)

Omar Dean

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"She Will Be Loved" - 8,5/10 -  His grandma flew from the USA last week to watch his performance. Foo has picked this song. Ronan loves it. Foo's been waiting to hear Omar seen pop for a while now. As much as I hate to say this, Maroon 5 is actually a pretty good choice for Omar. It's not the most original performance but he executed it in such an effortless, professional way. This is easily the best he's sounded, I hope his fan base is big enough to put him through, cause after such a composed delivery, he deserves it. "I knew that song was perfect for you. That was amazing. You did the song justice but you put your Omar into it" (Foo)

Dami Im

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"Clarity" - 7,5/10 -  Finally. Dami isn't going last, nor first. Shocker. She says she was singing not for her family but also for Dannii's cause her grandmother passed away last week. Always cocky Ronan hands Dami this song with a "you can thank me later" on the envelope. He picked this song because he wants to show how current Dami can be. Dami says she's used to sing old fashioned tunes so this is a big challenge for her. Well, it didn't feel like it. She sang this song with so much ease! While not her best vocals (something sounded slightly wrong during the second half) Dami completely nailed this song. By the way, that "flying saucer", as Foo called it, on top of her head did such a cool effect. Another standing ovation. "You proved me wrong. I loved that. You are incredible Dami, whatever is thrown at you, you deal with it, you work so well" (Ronan)

Jai Waetford

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"Somewhere Only We Know" - 6/10 - Nat loves this song. She believes  it's gonna take us back to Jai's very first audition. Jai has never heard this song. Seriously? Jai's voice is super wispy tonight. It's a pretty cover but it doesn't really have the amount of fight and emotion needed for this song. Jai did a very good job with it though, he definitely sounded better than he did last week with that atrocious Bieber track but he's still not doing it for me. If only he could perform an original song, that could make a difference. "You delivered it with such purity, it put a different spin, a different edge on it. Ronan, he's seriously talented, you've got it"  (Dannii)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Royals" - 7/10 - Last week's performance was overwhelming for her. Nat thinks this track has written Jiordan all over it. Foo thinks it's ultra cool and that it's exactly what they needed for Jiordan. I hate to say this but this probably wasn't the best song for Jiordan. On paper, it was a perfect match but the execution left a lot to be desired. It's not that she sang it badly, she did a terrific job vocally, but it's such a close song to her style that it didn't feel original enough. She gets a standing ovation anyway, maybe that's enough to save her. "Great song choice, it's really taken you out of  your comfort zone and that's what tonight's is all about. The tone in your voice, is flawless, it's beautiful. The song is called 'Royals', I wonder if Prince Harry is watching the show and checking that performance out" (Ronan)


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"Pump It" - 9/10 - It was hard for them to battle against their "best friends" JTR. The guys are really excited about this song. Foo thinks it's perfect for them because they both have energy. Despite Foo's absolute lack of originality, this is a perfect fit for them, as expected. The staging looked crazy and so did their outfits but that wasn't enough to distract from their explosive delivery. Everyone sounded so awesome tonight, Jordan and his "damn"s, Kelebek's rap, Jacinta's high notes, everything was absolutely perfect here. After last week's B2, this is exactly what they needed to do. A deserved standing ovation for them. "The best reaction from the crowd. Foo, you nailed that song choice, I loved it, I wanna buy it on iTunes and make it my ring tone" (Dannii)

  2.  Omar Dean
  3. Taylor Henderson
  4. Dami Im
  5. Jiordan Tolli
  6. Jai Waetford
B2 Prediction:

Jai Waetford
Jiordan Tolli


Bottom 2:

Jiordan Tolli
Omar Dean

Omar Dean - "You Found Me" - He clearly wasn't expecting to be in the B2 cause he sounds dreadful on this song. Just when Omar was starting to get some confidence, he lands in the B2. No wonder he looks so damn insecure up there. The second half wasn't as bad as the first but unfortunately, since Jiordan is Foo's last act, I'm expecting Omar to go home tonight, which is a shame since he's way more talented than Jai is.

Jiordan Tolli  - "Stay" - Not Jiordan's greatest but at least she sounded better than Omar did. But despite the consistent, lovely vocals, there was something missing from the performance. There was no spark in her eyes, it just wasn't emotional enough. I'm starting to fear Foo is completely ruining this girl.

"Jiordan, great performance, you sang beautifully. Omar, you've taken this on gracefully, every single week you've been an absolute gentelman. The act that I'm sending home is Jiordan" (Ronan)
"Omar is definitely one of the nicest dudes in this whole competition. He's the definition of smooth, with the voice, the falsetto, nobody can really do that. Jiordan, that was my personal favourite performance. That was, under preassure, so smooth, that voice, it was perfect for me. The act I'm sending home is Omar" (Foo)
"Omar, I love how you've grown so much in this competition, your showdown song there, you just went for it. Jiordan, when you first auditoned for us I thought you were insane. I feel like we haven't heard that much throughout this from you and I have to say that I think it's a lot of the songs you've been singing haven't suited your voice but tonight was really amazing. I wish I didn't have to, the act that I'm sending home tonight is Omar" (Nat)
"I loved both of your performances tonight. I think what both of your performances shown is that you know who you are. What I'm gonna do is, the act I'm sending home is Jiordan" (Dannii)

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Omar Dean

Wow. This sucks. I expected Jiordan to leave if it went to deadlock. I guess the song choice was at blame cause it was so laid back. Omar is an amazing singer, probably the best in Ronan's team so it's unfortunate to see him leave at this stage. Hopefully, we'll get to see him again.
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