Sakib Zabbar was sent home last week, even after giving us a really interesting performance. This week, the 10 remaining acts will sing songs produced in Sweden, hoping that one day, one of their songs will be included on such a theme. Who'll be leaving us this time?

Recap after the JUMP ...

Erik Rapp

 photo ErikRapp.png

"Indestructible" (Robyn) - 6,5/10 - A week after I thought about it, it finally happened. Erik got it wrong. Not train wreck wrong but wrong nonetheless. He just picked a bad song for his voice, simple as that. It didn't let his voice shine, not how I know it can. He also got involved in some weird looking hand dancing, which didn't help his cause either. I'm getting tired of repeating it but someone seriously needs to tell him about the distracting hands. Or just chop them off.

Sandra Wikström

 photo SandraWikstroumlm.png

"Lovefool" (The Cardigans) - 5/10 -  She could have picked any song produced in Sweden. Yet, she picked this one. At this point, she's trying to get booted. The song choice makes no sense, had it worked for her voice, I wouldn't have mind the old fashioned feel of her delivery, but it didn't. So why sing it? She'll have to pull something out of the bag next week if she wants to remain in this competition any longer.

George Shaid

 photo GeorgeShaid.png

"Fade into darkness" (Avicii) - 4,5/10 - Everyone seems to be picking awful songs for their voices. George doing a dance song? That isn't gonna work in a thousand years. The arrangement was truly awful and so was his delivery. He lacks the energy or the dynamism to pull something like this off. Obviously, he did well enough on the first part but he just lost it during the second. His voice was barely audible and powerless. His awkward moves were somewhat hilarious to watch.

Matilda Melin

 photo MatildaMelin.png

"Must have been love" (Roxette) - 8/10 - Matilda is such an inconsistent contestant. She does a ballad one week, an upbeat disaster the next and then goes back to her ballads. Now that she's done the upbeat thing twice, she should quit for a while since it's not working. Ballads are the thing she does best as evidenced by this gorgeous cover. While there was no much build up, her tone was awesome on this tune and her phrasing was lovely. Maybe the fact that I love this song so much biased me but this was pretty great in my eyes.

Kevin Walker

 photo KevinWalker.png

"Poker Face" (Lady Gaga) - 3/10 - I'm not sure if I'm meant to laugh, cry or something in between. "Poker Face"? You've got to be fucking kidding me! This is competent karaoke at best. Just a football player, drunk, attempting to sing a "cool" version of a song. His looks are getting him votes for now but I hope once the weakest contestants leave, he'll be out of the picture as well.

Sara Sangfelt

 photo SaraSangfelt.png

"Toxic" (Britney Spears) - 7,5/10 - Sara keeps getting her song ideas from the how-to book. I wonder what other songs it has? I liked this performance though. The jazzy arrangement of this song is predictable but it works. Her style was made for this song and even if some notes were off, her vocals were very good here. She should go for a jazz song, given that this cover went so well. Also, she looked amazing on that black dress.

Gabriel Alares

 photo GabrielAlares.png

"Reload" (Sebastian Ingrosso) - 7,5/10 - Second week in a row he's picked a great song for his voice. His voice may lack some edge but this intense, overly dramatic performance fitted him like a glove. I liked it to be honest. The chorus felt a bit cheesy and I guess some rasp could have helped, since his voice was a bit too clean, but besides that, this was actually really solid.

Jens Hult

 photo JensHult.png

"Lions roar" (First Aid Kit) - 7/10 - His hair looks awful in that bun knot. Jens is finally making the right song choices but his voice is still not entirely good. There's just something off about it. The notes are mostly there, so is his wonderful raspy tone but it feels as if he wasn't fully committing vocally. He's shown a major improvement from week 1 and I wish it keeps going but at some point it's gonna have to stop. I hope that time hasn't come yet.

Elin Bergman

 photo ElinBergman.png

"All that she wants" (Ace of Base) - 6/10 - I've never heard this song, and maybe for good reason. It's not such a good song, is it? It felt super repetitive and while sorta in line with Elin's style, it didn't let her show off her voice properly. She gave it all she could but it wasn't enough. She shouldn't have pick this song in the first place. I'm a bit worried for her.

Miriam Bengtsson

 photo MiriamBengtsson.png

"Fucking perfect" (Pink) - 7,5/10 - She's finally putting the dance to rest, at least for this week. The song is slowed down and that let us focus entirely on Miriam's voice. Her strong attitude even showed throughout the performance. She definitely needs more vocal work, she hit some bum notes here, but overall, this was her best performance so far and it couldn't have happened in a better week.

  1. Matilda Melin
  2. Sara Sangfelt
  3. Miriam Bengtsson
  4. Gabriel Alares
  5. Jens Hult
  6. Erik Rapp
  7. Elin Bergman
  8. Sandra Wikström
  9. George Shaid
  10. Kevin Walker


George Shaid

Shock! I can't really believe George got the least amount of votes, I thought it would be Sandra. This was such a weird week. The usual stand outs all picked bad songs and we had a few impressive performances from the likes of Miriam and Gabriel, which are normally quite mediocre. Kevin is still coasting through the competition with his smile and I hope his luck runs out soon. I expected George to last until Top 5, gorgeous tone, good looking, shy personality. But apparently, his delivery tonight was just too atrocious for people to vote for him.

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