The Top 6 took on songs chosen by their rival judges last week but unfortunately, not all the picks were successful as Omar Dean had to leave the competition after receiving the lowest amount of votes. It's Aussie Week tonight and our final 5 will perform some of the greatest Australian hits. Who'll disappoint their country? ... It's time to face the music!

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Dami Im

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"You're the Voice" - 7/10 - She was really nervous last week because the song had a lot of words in it. Dannii gave Korean Dami one of the classics. John Farnham, arguably one of Australia's biggest stars. Dami reminds us that English is her second language, so it's harder for her to memorize the words. This isn't the hit most of her performances have been. Her voice was off for most of the song and as Ronan pointed, it was very pitchy. It had some moments but when she went for the bigger notes it felt forced to me. She deserves to have a bad week though, everyone does. "Great song choice but I just saw the cracks and it's starting to show. We all love you, you might have a bad week and I think this was it. That was pitchy, I thought it was a weak performance" (Ronan)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Somebody That I Used to Know" - 8/10 - She felt her showdown performance last week was her best. She's keeping in mind that Sammi was in the B2 three times last year but still won. Foo claims this is the biggest hit in Australian history. Honestly, this is a really predictable choice. Fitting, but I wish they would've done something a little more original. Jiordan sounded awesome here, possibly her best performance in weeks. Her attitude and little hand movements made all the difference. She warned us she was gonna fight for it and now she's fighting. "Great choice for you. This is you. Stripped back, you look so beautiful tonight and you sounded pure. That's what I wanna here when I hear Jiordan Tolli" (Nat)

Jai Waetford

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"Plans" - 5/10 - Last week, Foo told Jai that he reminded him to a young Thomas Edison. Jai doesn't know who that is. Ronan informs him that he invented the light bulb. Ronan wants Jai to show some attitude and power on this song. I wouldn't count on it. With such a wispy voice, it's impossible to give any song some edge. His voice is as thin as ever, something that doesn't really suit this song. Not digging it at all. Could this finally be the week we say goodbye to Jai? I hope so. "If you look at all your performances, you're just really solid. This song was really dynamic and it was just good, just solid" (Foo) Why did that sound negative?


 photo THIRDD3GREE.png

"Battle Scars" - 8,5/10 - This is one of their favourite songs. The guys seem to be struggling with the key. Nat wants to go down, cause it might give them more room to play. The staging looks great but it doesn't really match work with their colorful outfits. Nat gave them a wonderful song. It's not as explosive as last week's performance but it gave them room to show off their abilities. Jacinta was the true star tonight, she shone so bright here, had she made it in the girls category, she would've gone far. Her range is crazy, those are some massive pipes she's got. Props to her. "For me it was kind of weird not to see you do the super happy, fun thing. The skulls were scaring me a bit but great job. Jacinta when your vocals take off it's fantastic" (Dannii) 

Taylor Henderson

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"One Crowded Hour"  - 9/10 - Taylor felt so good doing something modern. He hints at some dancing to come. Taylor never heard this song, neither have I. Ronan says once you hear it, you cannot get it out of your head. So I've done my homework and I can now tell you that Taylor delivered this song the way he was supposed to. His timing was perfect and so was his voice, even if I believe he was out of breath for a while. His raspy tone felt amazing on this song. Ronan may suck as a judge but he knows what he's doing as a mentor. "You are just heaven to listen to. It hits you in the heart, it hits you in the gut. Your interpretation of that song, and every week, is just beautiful. I absolutely loved that" (Nat)

  1. Taylor Henderson
  3. Jiordan Tolli
  4. Dami Im
  5. Jai Waetford
B2 Prediction:

Jai Waetford
Jiordan Tolli


Bottom 2:

Jiordan Tolli

Let's just keep fueling Ronan's massive ego, shall we? Taylor deserved his place but the mediocre Jai? Not at all. Funny how Luke kept saying one of the judges could be out of the competition and Nat kept correcting him, "will be out".

Jiordan Tolli - "Young and Beautiful" - A very good song choice. I really don't want Jiordan to go home but the fact that she's facing one of the most hyped acts worries me. Plus, even if she makes it through this week, she'll be out before the final. That said, this was a gorgeous sing off, she's got such a wonderful tone. At least she'll be leaving on a good note if this is the end for her.

THIRD D3GREE - "Thrift Shop" - The guys are going back to their roots. We see Jiordan enjoying the performance. How can you not love such a cool girl? Back to the group, great performance. Cool, fun, dynamic, all you could ask for. These three work so well together, it'd be a shame to see them go.

"What a showdown that was. THIRD D3GREE, I think that you've been struggling a little bit in the last three to four weeks, some inconsistencies. This performance is like your ultimate song to sing. This was really good. Jiordan, you're just amazing to me because there are so many different aspects to you. The song you just sang, that was amazing. The act I'm sending home is THIRD D3GREE" (Foo)
"I agree, there have been some tough weeks for you guys. THIRD D3GREE, that performance was amazing. Jiordan, beautiful, beautiful tone there. I'm really torn. The act I'm gonna send home is Jiordan" (Dannii)
"Jiordan, I've loved your voice from the very beginning and I continue to love it. That song, it felt like it was yours to be honest. THIRD D3GREE, I just love you guys, you just work harder than anybody that I've ever known. The act that I'm sending home is Jiordan" (Nat)
"Great performances from you both. Composed from you Jiordan and a ball of energy from you guys, Loved your song choice Jiordan, it was fantastic. THIRD D3GREE, you've been on and off. It's really hard cause you are so different both of you. I don't wanna be the judge that makes this decision and one of the other judges is left without a contestant. The act that I'm sending home is THIRD D3GREE. I'm gonna let Australia decide" (Ronan)

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Jiordan Tolli

I was expecting this. I'm as glad as Jiordan was when Ronan sent it to deadlock. He made the right call. The judges shouldn't be able to decide at this point of the competition. Jiordan is a phenomenal singer, wonderful tone, lovely personality. I don't know why the audience wasn't able to connect more with her. She goes on a high note and with some terrific performances behind her. I'm proud of what she's accomplished. On another note, I'm beyond pissed Jai gets to stay in the competition, without even appearing in the B2. He needs to go, fast.
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