Despite the fact "Set Me On Fire" wasn't able to set the charts aflame, Sony is staying in business with X Factor Australia S4 4th placer Bella Ferraro. The new single is titled "Forgot You" and while it displays Bella's captivating tone to perfection much as her first single did, it's also a much catchier tune, something I completely dig. The uptempo song also features Will Singe, also known as the best part of The Collective, Bella's fellow XF contestant, and while I've enjoyed Will in the past, his addition wasn't really necessary. The rap doesn't bring anything to an otherwise great song. It doesn't bother but I feel the song would've been even better without it. What I love about Bella is the fact that if I heard her on the radio, I'll instantly know it's her. Overall, another amazing effort from her, hope it's the hit she deserves.

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