Danish-Norwegian band Aqua is finally back after almost 11 years without new albums since their 2000 release Aquarius. And in case you are wondering, yes, they are the ones behind "Barbie Girl", which is their most known song to date. They split in 2001, only to come back together in 2007 realizing that they are ment to be together. Their third album "Megalomania" is just days away from their October 3 release and it'll definitely feature many of the sounds that made this band famous. The electropop dance sounds are higly predominant in their single "Playmate to Jesus" and the toyish voices in "How R U Doing?" remind of their classic sound. But it's their latest release "Playmate to Jesus" which shows a lot of promise. It doesn't remind of their previous material and it shows a much more mature sound and band, plus it's a great change!  Will "Megalomania" be their big comeback after all? Well, we'll know soon but things look good for them.

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Buy "How R U Doing?" HERE (DK)

Buy "Playmate To Jesus" HERE (DK)

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