All the audition shows proved to be a #1 hit, all scoring 1,4 and above ratings. It's now time for bootcamp and the remaining 134 contestants will be whittled down to only 24 by the end of this stage of the competition. Who will crumble? Who will shine? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...


Day 1

The following contestants were all shown in the audition phases:
Boys - Guy
  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Emmanuel Kelly
  3. Max Silk
  4. Josh Brookes
  5. Sam Trenwith
  6. Trent Bell
  7. Bryne Jenke
  8. Rob Baron
  9. William Singe
  10. Zaachariaha Fielding
  11. Declan Sykes
  12. Mali Talefenua
  13. Johnny Ruffo

Girls - Mel
  1. Tyla Bertolli
  2. Christina Parie
  3. Medina Begic
  4. Naomi Sequeira
  5. Liz Conde
  6. Andrea "Storm" Kaden
  7. Jacqui Newland
  8. Chantelle Morrell
  9. Sophie Metcalfe
  10. Amy Walton
  11. Natalie Colavito
  12. Jade Naidu
  13. Tara-Lynn Sharrock
 Overs - Nat
  1. Andrew Wishart
  2. Mitchell Callaway
  3. Pamela Cook
  4. Niki (from Majestic)
  5. Cleo Howman
  6. Pete Murphy
  7. Paige Phoenix
  8. Jane Lilford
  9. Tony Tuhoro
  10. Marina Davis

Groups - Ronan
  1. Young Men's Society
  2. Up Front
  3. Lyrical Styles
  4. Sista Soul
  5. Utai 3
  6. Audio Vixen
  7. Straigh Up
  8. Three Wishez
  9. Hype
  10. Fourtunate 
  11. Sex and Chocolate 
  12. Femme Da Funk
Clicking on the names will take you to the videos.

First up will be the boys, with Johnny Ruffo. He was going to dance too but he's not cause he wants to prove he can sing. And you know what, it's actually much better than his audition. He's got something actually. Emmanuel Kelly is next and his performance isn't that impressing this time around. He's got a good voice but it's a bit boring, I suspect that the story is bigger than the voice here. There's a new attitude after Guy's shakeup, and we get short clips of Trent Bell, Rob Baron, Declan Sykes and Mali Talenfenua all delivering strong performances. Reece Mastin is taking a huge risk, he's performing "Feeling Good" and he really nails it. He's probably my fave guy now. Plus he's singing a song I really love, so nothing can be wrong in that performance.

It's the Overs turn and since Andrew Wishart was the first audition of the season, he gets to perform first again. He gets old and generical this time but he definitely has a good voice, not what I'd listen to. Mitchell Callaway is performing next and again, his kinda country voice isn't as impressing as the first time but still, he impresses Nat. And so do Cleo Howman, Paige Phoenix and Pamela Cook with probably her best performance to date. Marina Davis wants to impress as well, and she blows Natalie away although her performance is really shouty.

Mel and the girls turn now! Christina Parie and her uninteresting voice is up first. She sings "Dear Mr. President" and it's not too impressing. Mel seems to hate it. They ask her lots of questions, and she leaves crying. Good move Mel! Haha. After some bad auditions, Jacqui Newland does the rock song into a soft tune thing with Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and she's getting one of the most promising girls. Also impressing were Medina Begic, Tara-Lynn Sharrock and Chantelle Morrell. The final performance of the day is Tyla Bertolli. She's performing an Eminem rap, and she does an amazing job! Making a rap into a proper song is really a genius idea. Mel's husband is really impressed.

And now time of the results! The following contestants are all through to Day 2 of bootcamp, where they'll be whittled down to 6. Special thanks to epj, who helped with this list!

  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Emmanuel Kelly
  3. Josh Brookes
  4. Sam Trenwith
  5. Trent Bell
  6. Rob Baron
  7. Zaachariaha Fielding
  8. Declan Sykes
  9. Mali Talefenua
  10. Johnny Ruffo
  11. Unkown guy
  12. Unknown guy (not in final shoot)


  1. Tyla Bertolli
  2. Christina Parie
  3. Naomi Sequeira
  4. Jacqui Newland
  5. Chantelle Morrell
  6. Sophie Metcalfe
  7. Amy Walton
  8. Jade Naidu
  9. Tara-Lynn Sharrock
  10. Unknown girl (brunette with completely straightened hair, skinny/lanky and very pretty--reminds me of Courteney Cox, in a way)
  11. Unknown girl (curly hair to one side, big gold hoop earrings, dark garments [like Felicia Barton on Group 3/Top 36 night]--vampy/femme fetale-esque)
  12. Medina Begic
  13. Andrea Kaden


  1. Andrew Wishart
  2. Mitchell Callaway
  3. Pamela Cook
  4. Cleo Howman
  5. Pete Murphy
  6. Paige Phoenix
  7. Jayne Lilford
  8. Marina Davis
  9. Natalie Colavito
  10. Unkown guy (Dude who hugged Natalie all jubilantly)
  11. Peta Evans-Taylor
  12. Jaie Drieberg

It's the second day of bootcamp, well, for everyone but the groups at least, cause this year, they are getting special treatmnet! So we start with the groups first. Ronan will be joined by The Veronicas, "Have fun today and bring it" they tell the hopefuls. Young Men's Society will be performing first. There are lots of expectations and they dissapoint Ronan, although their performance was really great, they totally reworked that song in their favour. Ronan has too many expectations. Also shown sucking, Farren and Clacy and Leeanne and Mjay, who are definitely cut. So rather weird Up Front are hoping to impress him. There are like a humorous act, like Jedward. They have this new massive range but can't use it yet, they tell Ronan. Their performance is a hot mess. Oh god, The Veronica's faces are hilarious! "That was actually not that bad" says Ronan. WTF man?? That was shit! Hype also  have to impress cause they dissapointed Ronan, as everyone does. They are singing "Someone Like You" in an incrediblly interesting way. That was definitely the best performance in the bunch and Amanda's voice is great. So it's time for the results now ... Yeah, we didn't see anyone ... - VIDEO

  1. Young Men's Society
  2. Three Wishez 
  3. Straigh Up
  4. Fortunate
  5. Lyrical Styles
  6. Femme Da Funk
  7. Sista Soul
  8. Up Front
  9. Hype
  10. Audio Vixen
  11. Jezelle
  12. Sweet Brown Sugar

Day 2

 So we are back to the Overs and Nat's "challenge". They'll have to take a pic of their potential album cover. Blah blah blah, they take their photos, wardrobe change, and off to singing! First up is Pamela Cook whose sweet performance from Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" impresses Nat but left her wondering if she can be the winner. Mitchell Callaway sings the same song, in a really shy country manner, who's not that impressing at all. Cleo Howman is next with her beautiful unique tone, "She kinda cast a spell" says Darren. They all love her. Jayne Lilford also impresses them with their big voice, now more quiet. "I like her connection to the lyrics" Nat says. It's Andrew Wishart's turn, and being honest, his voice has turned really boring by now. His first audition was his best, and it always will be. Still, that performance impresses Nat but she doubts that he's an international superstar. Paige Phoenix is probably the most interesting Over, he's voice is really haunting and it's not something you usally see. And it's a wrap for the Overs. - VIDEO, YouTube (Part 1, Part 2)

 Guy's turn and his obssesion with guys singing a girl song. First is Emmanuel Kelly who is struggling a lot with the challenge, he doesn't know any of the songs. He's singing "Edge of Glory" and he only remembers three words of it, so he repeats them throughout the performance. Guy still loves this guy but Wynter says he screwed it. And he wasn't the only one, Zaachariaha Fielding and Rob Baron mess with the song badly. Another trainwreck is Declan Sykes, who also forgets the lyrics though the part he did remember is really great. Definitely the best we've seen this far, he's got a really unique style and the show needs someone like him. Trent Bell crashed at this same stage last year but this time around he impresses Guy with "Disturbia" though his voice is actually not that great. I really don't see him in the liveshows but that assured him a top 6 place. And also did Reece Mastin, Johnny Ruffo and Mali Talefenua with their impressive performances. The final performance will be from Josh Brookes, someone who was not seen at all in Day 1. He's singing "Baby One More Time" and it's great, although it seems a little forced. Guy is really doubty about him. - VIDEO, YouTube (Part 1, Part 2)

Girls turn! Mel gives them a choreography challenge, they'll have to choose between "Born This Way" and "Rolling in the Deep", plus they'll have to dance while doing that. Amy Walton will perform first. They loved her in the rehersal, not that much this time, she forgets all the choreography plus her voice is really not that great. She knows she sucked and apologizes. Medina Begic is next and the dance is not her strenght. Her voice is a bit shaky too but not a complete trainwreck. Jacqui Newland delivers an amazing performance and so do Tara-Lynn Sharrock and Chantelle Morrell, "That's the best I've seen you do" says Mel to her. Next performing is Sophie Metcalfe. Unfortunately, she was my fave and delivers a horrible performance, she messes the dance and isn't vocally great. And it seems the dancing is taking it's toll on the girls with Jade Naidu and the unkown girl with the big earrings sucking badly. Tyla Bertolli is next, Mel is a big fan of her but she disappoints greatly with his off timing and the dance. Last to perform is Christina Parie, who has already let Mel down once. Surprisingly, she's the only girl who manages to complete the challenge as Mel wanted it. So she nows seems as the only lock for JH, ugh. - VIDEO, YouTube (Part 1, Part 2)

Time for some little predictions! For the Overs, I'd say Cleo Howman, Paige Phoenix, Pamela Cook, Mitchell Callaway, Andrew Wishart and either Marina Davis or Jayne Lilford. For the Guys, Reece Mastin, Josh Brookes, Mali Talefnua, Emmanuel Kelly, Declan Sykes and either Trent Bell or Johnny Ruffo. And for the Girls, Tara-Lynn Sharrock, Jacqui Newland, Tyla Bertolli, Christina Parie, and two of Medina Begic, Chantelle Morrell, Sophie Metcalfe and Jade Naidu.

New episode and we finally get to see what the Overs have for us! Their challenge? Record some vocals with Erana Clarke! Three Wishez prove to be great, but she's taking the lead, definitely the star there. Lyrical Styles and Fortunate are a major disapointment, as are Up Front, who Ronan continues to keep for no explicable reason. Maybe they turn him on? Audio Vixen prove to be the surprise of the night recording some solid vocals, "They are ready" says Ronan. And it's time to perform now. Up Front are up first, and they are big surprise! Nah, they suck. They had to re start cause they suck that bad. Straight Up, Lyrical Styles and Sweet Brown Sugar fail to impress Ronan with their shaky performances. Up next is family group Audio Vixen, who gives us the most impressing performance we've seen from the Groups this far. Guess they are a lock for the liveshows? "That was brilliant" says Ronan. Young Men Society do their dance moves once more and impress again, while Femme Da Funk, Sista Soul and Jezelle prove that they can sing in harmony and deliver an entertaining performance. Final group of the day is Three Wishez who seem to be batteling to be the centre of attention. Their performance is quite great though the guys are kinda disposable.

So that's it. And we've get to the RESULTS straight away. Only 6 contestants from each bootcamp will make it through. Who will be sent home? Have I made any correct guess? And most importantly, what do you think of this decisions??

Boys - Guy
  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Trent Bell
  3. Rob Baron
  4. Declan Sykes
  5. Mali Talefenua
  6. Johnny Ruffo

Girls - Mel
  1. Tyla Bertolli
  2. Christina Parie
  3. Jacqui Newland
  4. Chantelle Morrell
  5. Amy Walton
  6. Tara-Lynn Sharrock
 Overs - Nat
  1. Andrew Wishart
  2. Mitchell Callaway
  3. Pamela Cook
  4. Cleo Howman
  5. Paige Phoenix
  6. Marina Davis

Groups - Ronan
  1. Young Men's Society
  2. Up Front
  3. Audio Vixen
  4. Three Wishez
  5. Hype
  6. Femme Da Funk

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