Laleh Pourkarim, who's only known by her first name, is an Iranian-Swedish singer, whose indie folk music has earned her nine nominations, seven in the Swedish Grammies, winning Artist, New Artist and Producer of the Year. Laleh rose to fame with her song "Invisible" and she hasn't stopped since then. Her latest album, Me and Simon, released by Warner Music, shows a playful young quirky artist with a beautiful tone and a great talent. She performs in English, Persian and Swedish and plays a wide variety of instruments. Think Marit Bergman meets Emiliana Torrini, and yet, you won't even get closer to her voice or style. There's something so unique in her that it's extremely difficult to describe. And no matter how you want to describe her, there's always one word that fits her perfectly, amazing!

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Buy her music HERE (SE), HERE (UK) or HERE (US)

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