One more audition show and I'm already massively bored by them, so this post will start to be a lot more sucky, and short. So that means I won't write much. Who will shine tonight? ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.

Amanda Persson (15) - I love her voice! She's got a really unique tone, it's sounds really intense. Plus she also has some great pipes! And a lot of attitude. This one has the talent to win this! Hope to see much more from her. Lots of potential.  VIDEO

Quick montage of girls. Olivia Aas, who's got a really beautiful sweet tone, which reminds me a lot to Anna Ternheim. Atafeh Asadi who nails "Crazy" with her great soulful voice. Rebecca Öhman whose performance of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" wows everyone granting her a golden ticket. And Melina Wehbe who has a quite interesting tone, and made the horrid "Born To Be Wild" sound massibely interesting.

Leonard Löfstrand - He's got a very interesting vibe going on. There's a lot of intensity and a quite nice sound coming from him. The judges looked doubty, but they say yes. - VIDEO

Nicholas Perry (23) - I think I've heard he comes from England and has a son. He's got a wonderful raspy voice. Very folky and he's got kinda of a reggae vibe. He's probably my fave guy after André thus far. That was really amazing! - VIDEO

Maya Yerranossian (16) - Cissi is nuts again. This time she interrupts the hopeful while she's performing on stage. And she's now singing behind her, very sucky though. She's also making some weird movements down there. She's singing the big ADele track "Rolling in the Deep". Her voice is quite good but she can't tackle this song as it should be done. It's very good though. And they sent her through. - VIDEO

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