The auditions came to an end, finally, and in the next days the remaining hopefuls must face several challenges in the hopes of becoming the lucky contestants who will advance to the semi-finals. Will favourites Moa, André and Oleg shine? Will Zynthia's and Amanda's unique voices show that they deserve to be there? Will Linni crumble? Will Mikael nerves betrail him? You'll know all that soon  ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4 (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.


We first get to see a short performance from Denise Azemi Brasjö and Moa Johansson. They both sound quite good from the seconds we see but Lailla's faces are so weird that I don't know what happened there. In the same line is Magdalena Reise, who forgot the lines in her audition and barely made it through. This time she's quite impressive with her rendition of "Hurt". Her voice sounds great but it seems she's struggling not to forget the lyrics. I liked that though. Also in the line is Roshana Hoss, who Cissi found for us in the first episode. She's singing another big song, Rhianna, who happens to have a similar style to Jessie J, who she sang in the first audition, her vocals deliver once more however. We next see Amanda Persson and her performance is very special, I like her voice a lot, is very unique, plus Molly Petterson Hammar, whose big soulish voice wows the judges once more. 

Brit Nicholas Perry performs next and his voice is as good as the first time. There's something really special in his folky tone and big sound. 16 y/o Mikael Fogelberg gives us a quite  interesting performance. He's got a great voice despite his young age and I'm starting to think he may be ready.

But there were some bad performances too, such as Leonard Löfstrand and Tessie Ahlstrand, whose performances left the judges dissapointed. Maikel Yüksel, however, is much better this time around and he actually managed to impress me with his performance. It sounded quite unique actually.

Next up is country 15 y/o girl Frida Josefsson, whose voice sounds bigger and better than the last time we saw her and leave Anders with his eyes wide open. Chasmin Marquez Karlsson follows her but she still doesn't impress me. Her voice sounds too generical. Emil Elton's weird voice sounds great too, he's got something quite magical. My current fave, Amanda Fondell, performs next and although I love her, that sounded a little awkward. It sounded like "Mercy" but it wasn't it. Linni Barresjö follows and she sounds a little boring, though her voice still sounds good, it was a bit sleepy. Moa Lignell, who we met in the first episode with her original tune, leaves everyone speeachless with probably one of the best performances we've seen thus far and she finally let her uniqueness shine.

More performances and Alexandra Jardvall, who's 37,  gives us an interesting deep voiced sort of rocky performance. Next is Dounia Arhzaf and her voice sounds good once more and it's interesting but there's still something weird about her I don't like. Zafer Taylor, who looks like a beach man is next and he sounds quite strange. I'm not sure if I liked that or not. Julia Lund gives us a nice performance but it was just ok for me. Next is Niklas Högberg, whose voice sounds really country and it wasn't that pleasant.

Another line and it's full of guys. Tony Weset is first and I believe he's lying about his age. He can't be 18. Haha. His performance is good, not the best I've heard though. Hampus Engelhardt is singing Mraz and it's not as bad as it sounds. Afro guy Olle Hammar tackles a big jazz number once more, this time is "Summertime" and it's sounds great. Not sounding so good are Antonio Divkovic and Jafet Samson, with both getting weird looks from the judges. My fave guy, André Zuniga-Asplund, is next, and I'm pissed I only got 5 seconds from him. Loved what I heard though.  Andreas Larsson is the last one. He sounds ok, but it's too nervous and his performance isn't sounding as good as it could.

Time for the results. First group to recive the news is up. Niklas Högberg and Daniella Skönborg are there. They are all cut. Good news for Denise Azemi Brasjö, Nicholas Perry, Tessie Ahlstrand, Frida Josefsson, Emil Elton, Amanda Fondell, Linni Barresjö, Alexandra Jardvall, Belinda Marazanye, Nathaly Hollub Soto, Magdalena Reise, Molly Petterson Hammar, Maikel Yüksel, Andreas Larsson, Chasmin Marquez Karlsson, Moa Lignell, Oleg Nejilik and André Zuniga-Asplund

Another group in, this time Roshana Hoss, Dounia Arhzaf, Antonio Divkovic, Moa Johansson, Zafer Taylor Olle Hammar and Leonard Löfstrand take the stage. The rest of the contestants who advanced take a seat in the audience. And everyone has WTF faces. But there are more good news for them. They are also in. They are picking contestants for a duo now. Or is it a 4 people group? It looks like that now. Oh, that's why some chose twice. Duh. No one wants to be the last one apparently. And it's 16 y/o Mikel who's left for last. Aw. Haha. We all know which is gonna be an amazing group. Olle, Moll and André FTW!


It's performance day for the groups. First group up is made up of Fredrik Lundman, Tessie Ahlstrand, Andreas Larsson and Moa Lignell. They are singing "You're The One That I Want", which is very suitable for Fredrik. Not so much for the others. They sound good but it's definitely not the song I'd have picked. They kinda forgot the lyrics there or was it meant to go that way? I think they just messed it up, well, Andreas did.

Next group is made up of Dounia Arhzaf Linni Barresjö, Magdalena Reise and Denise Azemi Brasjö. They are very good. I've to admit Dounia finally impressed me! They had terrific harmonies and their voices sounded great together. And Linni sounded specially good.

Team Abir (Abir El Farran, Nikita Calling, Nathaly Hollub Soto and Melanie Wehbe) follows. They are singing "Mercy" and their harmonies are very nice. Some notes sound a bit weird and some voices do too. But they are entertaining at least and they sound good together. So it's a pretty safe bet to say they'll make it.

Next up is the amazing Team Olle, made up of Olle Hammar, Molly Pettersson Hammar, André Zuniga-Asplund and Frida Borg. This is definitely the best I've heard. They sound amazing, I'll make a full band out of that! It was truly incredible, Olle, Molly and André sounded amazing and Frida, this being the first time we see her showed her incredible vocals. I loved that though the judges looked a bit dissapointed or something, I wish I understood them though.

They are followed by Team Zafer (Zafer Taylor, Alexandra Jardvall, Alexander Eklund and Maya Yeranossian). They kinda mess it up at the start with Maya jumping earlier than she should have and she actually kept messing it up throughout the song. Alexandra however was really impressive, she sounded the best here.

And they weren't the only contestants screwing it up. Team Evelina (Evelina Nilsson, Belinda Maranye, Jakob Karlberg and Zyntia Nedergården) gave us a really messy performance. Belinda forgets the lyrics and Zyntia, despite sounding quite good sounds kinda lost.

 Also forgetting the lyrics was Team Leonard (Leonard Löfstrand, Olivia Aas, Emil Elton and Frida Josefson). Leonard forgets the lyricis during the chorus, which they all were singing together, thus making it sound really bad and not allowing to hear what the others were singing. And also Emil does it when they show her a bit later. That was a major fail. Why didn't they get rid of Leonard yet?

The annoying Antonio Divkovic, Rosanna Enér, Jafet Samson and Josefine Nilsson are next. Jafet sounds quite bad and so does Antonio. They are two of the most mediocre contestants. Rosanna forgets the lyrics when she's supposed to sing and that's a dissaopintment, cause that was the first time we were gonna listen to her.

And it seems everyone forgets the lyrics. Ida Corneliusson forgets her lines when she's singing a solo and starts dancing while everyone looks at her. The rest of the team, Hampus Engelhardt, Amanda Fondell and Robin Stjernberg start singing the chorus quickly after that fail.

Team Anders is next. They are Anders Beckman, Oleg Nejlik, Maikel Yüksel and Jonathan Liljedal. Anders is actually a good singer and they got some choreography too! Oleg is very mediocre, his "Electropop" may have been good but his voice isn't that great. Johnathan is just ok while Maikel was far worse this time than in his previous performance. He's not consistent. This sounded very bad overall.

Performing next are Moa Johansson, Tony Weseth, Chasmin Marquez Karlsson and Daniel Dunér. Moa has one of the best voices in the competition so I'm excited to listen more from her! Chasmin sounds as she always does, generic and boring. Daniel is meh. Tony is very forgettable. Moa is the best here clearly, she's got a really great country twang and a sort of raspiness, she's a very good singer.

Final group is made up of Roshanna Hoss, Amanda Persson, Mikael Fogelberg and Nicholas Perry. There seems to be some drama with Mikael who is crying. He's just pulling a big Jacee Badeaux. I'd say this again, Roshanna's a great voice, but she doesn't know how to use it properly. Nicholas is a great singer and so is Amanda, they both make this performance listenable. Mikael has an unique tone but he looks really lost and uncomfortable here, plus he messes up the lyrics.

More results. Team Antonio and Team Abir take the stage. Rosanna and Nathaly are both cut. I don't get why Nathaly was cut, she was one of the best. Well, she can always come back next year, I hope so. Team Evelnia is all cut, but Zintia. Also cut are Zafer, Ida and Oleg, while the rest of their teams makes it through. Team Roshanna and Team Moa next. Mikael, Chasmin, Nicholas and Daniel are all cut. But they are faked out! They are also in! That was kinda mean. All the rest is also in, even horrible Leonard. And it's solo time again!

Final Performances

Andreas Larsson is quitting? What? He's such a loner and always looks depressed. Is there something I don't know about him? Well, he's out now, wasn't that good either way.

First up is Fredrik Lundman, the horrible country kid. Why don't they cut him yet? Oh god. This sounds so bad and weird, it verges the creepy. If someone comes to an audition and sings like this, I'd laugh at him, send him back home and tell him not to sing ever again. Those raspy notes are painful. So he's sent home. I thought they were doing it as the always do. Good decision.

Chasmin Marquez Karlsson is next. She's singing "Keep On Walking" and I actually think that sounds good. Of course that is until she mumbels the words and gets stuck. She's not sent home yet though. Zyntia Nedergården and Jafet Samson also forget their lyrics, though that bit from Zyntia sounded great. Magdalena Reise also forgets them once more, this already happened in her audition.

Amanda Persson  is up now and despite she has a good start, she gets stuck and makes the band stop in order for her to start again. She does and it sound really great. She reminds me a bit to Linnea too, she's got a really unique tone and she's got a little swagger in her voice. It's the best I've heard from her actually.

We get some short clips from Melanie Wehbe, Leonard Löfstrand, Roshanna Hoss, Moa Johansson, Tony Weseth, Hampus Engelhardt and Dounia Arhzaf. They all sound quite great, specially Dounia and Moa. They are slowly becoming great.

Maikel Yüksel is next and he's singing Adele. I'm done with him by now. He sounded very bad in that performance with a note going really sharp and he proved he can't sing such a big song. Plus how weird and creepy did his face look while he was singing?

Another quick montage. Amanda Fondell is also singing Adele. Well, I just love her voice. It's so unique and quirky! If she doesn't make it I'll be pissed. Denise Azemi Brasjö shows us her little beautiful pop voice with "Granade", it sounds good, but I've seen better. Moa Lignell also sings the Bruno Mars song and it's really great. She's got such a great style. This girl will make it far!

Up next is Olle Hammar. And it's this song again, I'm so done with this song. Olle has a good start but then again, he forgets the lyrics. Why do they pick a song they won't remember? Well, it was just a line though, he picks it up and it's quite great. Probably the best I've heard him sound.

16 y/o Linni Barresjö is performing "Grenade". She's strats the song slower than usual and it sounds very nice. She reminds me of XF Denmark winner Sarah, her voice is very deep and masculine. She's got potential. Alexander even teared up a little!

The most annoying contestant Antonio Divkovic is singing Gaga and it's something really mediocre. Generic, boring and forgettable. That performance sounded worse than Gaga's. If this judges are any good, they will send him home. But they don't, yet. Sounding as bad as Antonio are Nikita Calling and Daniel Dunér, both failing to impress the judges with their voices. So they are both sent home.

Molly Pettersson Hammar is next. I just love that soul big voice, so everything she does is amazing. She even sounds as big as Adele at times, this one is gold. Frida Josefson sings the same song and she also has a very big voice, which is definitely not expected from the country girl. I think both of them are locks for semis.

Robin Stjernberg first impressed us with his Jessie J performance of "Who You Are" and he's doing it again with "Granade".  I like the arrengment, it's different from what we've been hearing at least. Robin is a great singer, there's no doubt about that.

Jonathan Liljedal and Mikael Fogelberg are hoping to emulate his success and they are both quite decent. Abir El Farran however fails rotundly with her off notes and pitchy performance. Emil Elton is next with his weird voice and he's also adding weird movements this time. It's good actually, I really like this guys voice, it's different, unique and fresh.

Final performance comes from british Nicholas Perry. He sounds good as usual, my problem with him is he seems to intense and almost shouty at times, which affects his performance at times. But that was quite good though.

 And despite Nicholas was the final performer shown, he wasn't the last one we had to see. Some of the contestants weren't shown, so I'll make some comments on the ones that weren't on TV next.

André Zuniga-Asplund gives us an amazing performance from "Grenade" only in the way he can do it. His voice sounds cracky and it's really quirky, it's a really beautiful performance. There was one moment when I thought he forgot his lines, though I'm not sure.

Josefine Nilsson was also missing tonight. Her "Alone" performance sounds a bit dull and the way she's singing isn't very good, she is giving it a strange sound, which doesn't fit the song. It all comes a bit forgettable and I know she could have done better.

Frida Borg, who we've hardly seen and was only show singing in a group, gave probably one of my faveourite performances. It was unique, fresh and her tone is really beautiful. Why isn't this girl being pimped? She's much better than many of the contestants they are showing, like Chasmin. That was truly amazing.

Anders Beckman is another performer who we should have seen more. He doesn't have the best voice but he's quite entertaining. He's got an interesting tone and his voice is very pleasant. I really liked the way he sang "Release Me", it was quite original!

And finally Alexandra Jardvall, who we've seen a little but not as much as I hoped. Her voice is really bluesy, kinda in the Tracy Chapman vibe but more femenine. The song was a great pick for her, she sounded amazing here and that final bit of performance was truly great. If she's cut, this is fixed.


And that's it! The judges will select the Top 20 now. I'll just list the results below. So what do you think about this top 20? There were some great decisions, like eliminating Antonio, Abir and Chasmin but there were some moments when they totally screw it. Leonard, Maikel and Tony through over Nicholas, Frida, Moa and Zintia? I must been living in an alternate universe. But solid top 20 overall.

Top 20
  1. Mikael Fogelberg
  2. Jafet Samson
  3. André Zuniga-Asplund
  4. Frida Josefson
  5. Leonard Löfstrand
  6. Robin Stjernberg
  7. Molly Pettersson Hammar
  8. Dounia Arhzaf
  9.  Linni Barresjö
  10.  Roshanna Hoss
  11. Amanda Persson 
  12. Olle Hammar
  13.  Denise Azemi Brasjö
  14.  Hampus Engelhardt
  15.  Magdalena Reise
  16.  Emil Elton
  17.  Moa Lignell
  18.  Tony Weseth
  19. Amanda Fondell
  20.   Maikel Yüksel
  1. Chasmin Marquez Karlsson
  2. Abir El Farran
  3. Jonathan Liljedal
  4.  Anders Beckman
  5.  Zyntia Nedergården
  6.  Frida Borg
  7.  Melanie Wehbe
  8. Alexandra Jardvall
  9.  Josefine Nilsson
  10. Nicholas Perry
  11.  Moa Johansson
  12. Antonio Divkovic
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