There were some amazing performances in the last episode, with original song "Electro Pop" by contestant Oleg Nejilik becoming a #1 hit in Sweden, certainly, the show is getting better and better. Which amazing hopeful will we see tonight? ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.

Linni Barresjö (16) - Cissi is kidnapping her, or that's what it seems cause they cover her face and ears, until they leave her in front of the judges. Haha, that looks like a shocker. She's extremely nervous and almost a bit shaky. And despite her nervousness, her performance is really strong. She's got a really masculine voice, though it still sounds quite femenine, she's got a great tone, there's a very folky sound about her. - VIDEO

Niklas Högberg - Wow, that was a pleasant surprise. He's got an unique voice and a very acoustic folkish sound, definitely not what I was expecting from him. He sounds quite original. Plus I bet that he's got a great recording voice. - VIDEO

Emil Elton - He's got a really weird voice but in a good way, it's very unique. It sounds a bit too femenine but it's still really interesting at parts. I'd love to see more from this kid, he's intriguing.  - VIDEO

Herbert Andréasson - He's voice is quite interesting but he looks too nervous to be a star, or even to make it to the liveshows. It seems he's gonna choke, breathe man! The performance wasn't bad at all though, I love his tone and if he feels more comfortable he can be really great. - VIDEO

Emil Ehnberg - His voice is a bit generical at parts, it's good, but I don't see anything much exciting in him. He kinda gets more interesting towards the end but he's still a bit meh. - VIDEO

Anders Bäckman - He reminds me a lot to previous winners Erik Grönwall and Jay Smith, so I don't see him going very far in this competition this year. He's great though, he's got this really raspy rock voice and he's very intense, he could have gone far in the past but I don't think he will this year. - VIDEO

Josef Baundtler - He's a country voice, there's a definite country twang there but he also has this raspy tone which make his voice something really interesting and listenable. I just hope he stays away from country music and goes into rock or even folk, cause country will make him very boring.  - VIDEO

Julia Lund (26) - Julia's a cute voice and look. There's a lot of diveristy in her voice and I like the strength of it. However, there were some times that it sounded really off, like she was trying to hard to get to the high notes. She gets through though, with Pelle and Lailla saying yes. I thought they needed 3 yeses to advance, but apparently they don't.

Maikel Yüksel (20) - He works at a kebab store, which I love. Haha. Not the most impressing or interesting voice I've seen but he definitely can sing. The judges seem to think he's got something too, so he's sent through to the next round. I suspect he won't go too far though. - VIDEO

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