Once more, each of the three episodes of bootcamp managed to get a #1 position. This week, the 6 remaining contestants from each category will be jetting off around the world were they'll face a series of challenges in the hopes of becoming one of the final 3 contestants that will be in the liveshows. Who will crumble? Who will shine? ... It's time to face the music!

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Boys - Guy - Los Angeles
  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Trent Bell
  3. Rob Baron
  4. Declan Sykes
  5. Mali Talefenua
  6. Johnny Ruffo

Girls - Mel - Hollywood
  1. Tyla Bertolli
  2. Christina Parie
  3. Jacqui Newland
  4. Chantelle Morrell
  5. Amy Walton
  6. Tara-Lynn Sharrock  Recplaced by Sophie Metcalfe
 Overs - Nat - Double Island
  1. Andrew Wishart
  2. Mitchell Callaway
  3. Pamela Cook
  4. Cleo Howman
  5. Paige Phoenix
  6. Marina Davis

Groups - Ronan - New York
  1. Young Men's Society
  2. Up Front
  3. Audio Vixen
  4. Three Wishez
  5. Hype
  6. Femme Da Funk
  Day 1 - Rehersals

We start the night with a big shocker. Favourite to win it all, Tara Lynn Sharrock has to withdrew from the competition due to visa problems. (She addresses the situation HERE). And replacing her is the amazing Sophie metcalfe, who should have made it in the first place over some people, *cough*Christina*cough*. And now the contestants are getting their locations reveled. Girls will be going to Hollywood, Boys are going to New York, Overs are going to Double Island, in Australia (they are getting usual Overs treatment) and Groups are going to LA.

 The contestants will be getting some mentoring by their judges by themselves. So practically they are reharsing, and nothing important is going to happen in this epsiode. (You can skip to Day 2 and you won't lose a thing).
First up are super pregnant Mel and the Girls. Christina Parie is first and though she's hitting really big notes, her overall performance sucks. Amy Walton, who made it to this stage as a wildcard, as Mel describes her, is singing "If I Were A Boy" and damn, she did a great job with that! Mel says she needs to sing the way she looks. Don't know what that means, messy? Tyla Bertolli plus Jessie J? Eh, not a great match. She's starting to crumble for Mel and yeah, her voice is getting worse. Sophie Metcalfe is next, she's Mel's nervewrecker. Really don't know why cause she's got the most distinctive and amazing voice, and Mel keeps giving her a hard time. (Tough they show her hugging Mel in the preview, very fast not being able to identify her without pausing it, could this mean she nails it tomorrow?) Chantelle Morrell trys to tackle Adele, but her rehersal is very boring. "I'm not feeling anything" says Mel. Final performance comes from Jacqui Newland, who despite her bad voice, manages to sing two really great songs. Mel is left shaky, "There's only one girl that I know it's gonna nail it tomorrow, the rest, not so much" - VIDEO

LA, Ronan and the Groups. They are performing at the famous Viper Room and everyone looks excited by that. First up are Young Men's Society. They nail "The Scientist" with a really cool and smooth arrengment, plus they add them some moves. Ronan loves it but thinks it was vocally shaky. However, Femme Da Funk, despite sounding great, doesn't look like a group for him, they need chemistry. That's the same problem for family group Audio Vixen. "There was no contact at all between the three of you". No doubt they can sing though. Sucky Up Front are next and they suck more than usual. Hope they crumble and bomb tomorrow. Hype are next. Big Guy has lost his voice, so their performance is a bit messy. Amanda has a great voice though. Three Wishez, who are also really similar to Hype, are the final group. And they are amazing! Best group of the day. "I didn't want that to finish, that was the best thing I've seen today" Ronan tells them. - VIDEO

 Nat, Overs and boring location time! First up is so shy that I'm absolutely boring, Mitchell Callaway. His performance sucks, badly. Nat thinks he's not connecting with it. "Be Mitchell" she says. Second time around is much worse, but Nat like it. Pamela Cook is next. She's lost her voice too. Her performance is atrocious, she even admits it after each bad line. "That's terrrible" she claims. Amazing Cleo Howman follows her. "You almost say sorry when you don't hit a note" Nat tells her. She was very good though. Next is Paige Phoenix. His performance is really intense, very good. Marina Davis is shouty as usual, loud is not good always. Final contestant is Andrew Wishart. He's boring as usual, "I like it better when you speak it" says Nat. I don't get what she means. Haha. - VIDEO

Final JH are the Boys with Guy in New York! Guy is getting help from The A Team. Mali Talefenua is first. His song choice is really boring and so is his performance. I hope he brings the reggae to his final performance. Rob Baron is really shaky to me and his voice sounds quite bad, Guy loves it though. Johnny Ruffo's performance is atrocious, really mediocre. There's no eye contact at all and his voice sounded really off. Trent Bell is next and I don't get the appeal with this one at all. He's not the best singer plus he's not that good looking. And his song choice is really weird. He feels really confident. Reece Mastin is next. I gotta say I love him. He's got the best voice here and there's really an interesting edge to him. One of this people says he doesn't like his hair. Kinda agree with Reece, what does it have to do? Declan Sykes is the final performer and he's performance, despite really unique, looks a bit awkward to watch. There's lots of hand playing there. But he's voice is mesmerizing. - VIDEO

 Day 2 - Performances

We start with the Girls and the Mels, B and C reunited again! First up is Amy Walton, whose performance is really impressive. She finally showed all the potential she has with her great voice and a really powerful performance. Cute Sophie Metcalfe is next. Her performance is something really beautiful and intense, there's a really unique voice in her. I doubt Mel can see it though. Mel C says it's not that comercial. Not true. Ellie Goulding anyone? Jacqui Newland and her sore throat are next. Her voice is really great but her throat didn't let her be at her best. "She didn't do it for me" Mel C says. Nasty Christina Parie is up now. I've to admit that that performance wasn't completely sucky. But still, she's got zero originality and zero star potential. They both think kids will like to copy her. Ugh. Hope she's cut. Fingers crossed. Chantelle Morrell is next and her performance sounds very beautiful. She's got full control of the song and sounds really gorgeous. "Something is missing" Mel C says. Tyla Bertolli is last. That was probably one of the best performances. She's definitely got something unique and her voice is pretty great. - VIDEO

Nat and Jason DeRulo are with the Overs. Boring Andrew Wishart is first. His performance sounds good and has a lot of control but it bores me greatly, and that weird speaking ending? Not good. "Will the world accept him?" says Jason. Next is gorgeous Cleo Howman, and her performance is as gorgeous as she is. She's got one of the best voices, and she's probably my favourite right now. I'm backing her to the end! Paige Phoenix sounds a bit weird this time. I don't feel the intensity this time. His voice sounds great but that song choice sucks for him. I hope Nat picks him though. Marina Davis follows and her voice is undeniable. Mel however, doubts that picking an Aretha song is the best way to show her talent. Pamela Cook is next, and poor thing, her voice is ruining all her chances. That performance was the most sucky thing I've heard from her. "I don't know who I'm supposed to judge that" Nat says. Mitchell Callaway is the last to perform, and he's as boring as always with his little uniteresting country twang. Nat thinks he's too shy. Really?! Haha. - VIDEO

Groups turn with Ronan, Good Charlotte and Leona Lewis. Intimidating hu? Young Men's Society are first again. Their performance is really cool once more. They've done a sick arrengement of the Coldplay's classic. Plus they made a mash up and danced. They've great chemistry. Guy would be an idiot if he cuts them. Dreadful Up Front are next and they are worse than ever. Good Charlotte describes them as cute. That says it all. Ronan has a serious mental problem. Next are Audio Vixen and this sounds very old fashioned. We finally get to see the other brothers perform, and they are average, but she's got an amazing talent. She needs to lead all the time cause she's amazing. Femme Da Funk, who've been edited as fodder, is finally getting some extra screen time! Their performance is quite great, I really like this two. Their voices sound well together, they look good and despite being a bit awkward together, they can be mentored to be something really great. Hype are next and their performance is good, though Big Guy's voice isn't sounding good due to his voice loss. I still like this mix a lot and hope Ronan belives in them. "I kinda dig it" says Good Charlotte. Final performance comes from Three Wishez, who believes it will be them or Hype at the end. Their performance is really great, the best from the groups. Sophia's voice is amazing and the rapper, despite not being the best singer, was kinda fun. I want to hear more from them. "It shouldn't work but it does" Leona says. - VIDEO

And finally, we get the Boys with Guy, Beyonce and her A Team. Declan Sykes is up first and his performance is one of the most unique things ever. His voice is really cool and smooth. And that wasn't awkward at all. Beyonce loves him, she thinks he's adorable. Mali Talefenua brings us a great performance, making a country song sound really soulish and smooth. You can be really hot but if you can't sing, you can't do nothing about it. And Johnny Ruffo proved that. His performance was definitely the worse among the boys and despite his tone is interesting he sounded really off. Melting the girls won't be enough Guy ... Next is Rob Baron, whose performance actually sounds much better than in his rehersal. He's kinda weird to watch tough. Uniteresting Trent Bell is performing "ET" and he's not that impressing for me. He kinda gives a good performance but it's very generic. Beyonce thinks he's got a lot of confidence. The amazing Reece Mastin is the last to perform and he's definitely through to the liveshows. This performance was simply the best performance in any category. His voice is unique, he's edgy, vulnerable, has confidence, personality and has something that's just really exciting! I'm so ready for him to win. - VIDEO

Prediction time? Some of this predictios may seem like a major WTF. But it's not who I think they'll pick, it's who I want them to pick. Let's seem if I get some of them in the finals. Girls: Tyla, Sophie, Jacqui. Overs: Cleo, Paige, Pamela. Groups: Hype, Three Wishez, YMS. Boys: Reece, Declan, Mali.


After some awful decision, mainly made by Nat and Mel, the final 12 have been announced. And I'm kinda cool with them. Guy made the best picks with Reece and Declan, and even Johnny can't sing, he's got charm. Ronan was also great putting through the three best groups in his category. Altough I'd have loved to see Hype, they weren't quite ready yet. Mel was kinda a dissapointment. She didn't only cut Sophie, she also put Christina through. Now we'll have to watch that ugly thing all weeks. Ugh. Nat was probably smoking something in that island. Her decisions, with the exception of amazing Cleo, made no sense. Andrew and Mitchell over Paige and Marina? Not good. I hope those two are out first.

Boys - Guy
  1. Reece Mastin
  2. Declan Sykes
  3. Johnny Ruffo

Girls - Mel
  1. Tyla Bertolli
  2. Christina Parie
  3. Jacqui Newland
 Overs - Nat
  1. Andrew Wishart
  2. Mitchell Callaway
  3. Cleo Howman

Groups - Ronan
  1. Young Men's Society
  2. Audio Vixen
  3. Three Wishez
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