We've got some new music from the wonderful danish starlet Medina! She's probably one of the most successful new artists in the past year, with 4 of her singles going #1 in Denmark and her major debut coming at #2. She's now releasing her latest effort, "For Altid", an all danish album which reminds us how great she is, plus she's also debutting her new single "Synd For Dig" music video. The album's first single of the same name gave us a taste of what the album was gonna sound like, well, this is much better! Usually I'm not an electro person, I tend to run away from it, the monotony of the sounds and the drums machines kinda drive me crazy. But that's not the case with Medina or her music. Her voice has such a freshness and an icey sound that it manages to take a away all the tediousness that this kind of music generates, all combined with her always improving lyrics, each time adding even more layers to her talent. So just give her a chance and if you already had, enjoy this wonderful album!

Video after the JUMP ...

Buy "For Altid" HERE (DK)

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