Always extravagant Luce, winner of the final edition of Nouvelle Star, released her debut album, Première Phalange, with Sony Music, this past June 20, and even though I was really excited about this album, I completely forgot to post about it, not really sure why. So I'm doing it now, almost three months after it's release. Luce proved to be very successfull with her album charting at #11 and then appearing on the charts at multiple positions. There's something about her music that it's really cautivating, there's a humorous theme in her lyrics, plus her music videos are hilarious. And there's no denying this girl has a great voice! Her latest single "Moyen Moyenne", with MaxBoublil, was released just days ago, on September 2, and despite his voice isn't great, Luce manages to make the single listenable enough, and again, gives us an amazing video for it!

Videos and album after the JUMP ....

Buy "Première Phalange" HERE and watch more videos by Luce HERE

Buy "Moyen moyenne" HERE

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