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Winner of multiple Swedish Grammys, this Stockholm native certainly has somthing to brag to her friends. And I would too! Not only she's a great musician with four albums released, she's also been recognized for her talent. And that means something! With a folk, almost bluesy sound, Anna's music evokes great feeling and shows lot of unique sounds. Her latest album, which earned her two Grammies, "Leaving on a Mayday", which includes the amazing song "Summer Rain" full of beautiful harmonies and shy quirky voices, is a sweetly blended album full of soft emotional tunes, such as the heartbreaking "My Heart Still Beats for You" and the oriental influenced "Terrified", showing her wide influences and versatility. Her new album is on the way, and expected for release this 2011, and clearly, Universal doesn't want her to go anywhere! Will this new album top all her previous success? I think so!

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