A huge surprise! I've always said that the first season of the Norwegian XF was one of the best I've seen in some time, almost all of the contestants were incredible musicians and most of them went to have a great success after their stint on the show. Chand Torsvik, the winner, and Tommy Fredvang, 5th, both went to release albums and 6th and 9th placers, Pernille Svensen Øiestad and Rikke Lie both were signed by Universal and have released singles, with upcoming albums in the way. But none of them have achieved a #1 hit. Well, that's until now! And it's coming from 7th placer Gabrielle Leithaug. The Under 25 category that season was amazing, conisdering that the four of them were females and three of them are now signed with Universal. I must say I wasn't expecting Gabrielle to reach a #1 at all. But then, I heard her debut single, "Ring Meg", and I understood it all. The song is not only super catchy but it's also an unique tune, it's not the typical pop song, it's electro meets reggae meets crazy. Don't believe me? See yourself!

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