The Glee Project is coming to an end and the final 4 compete for the ultimate prize, a 7 episode arc on Glee. All the eliminated contestants are returing for a final music video plus the Glee cast will be in the audience for the last chance performance. Who will be the winner??

Find the shocking results after the JUMP ...


Samuel and Damien will get a 7 episode arc each, and Lindsay and Alex will be getting a 2 episode arc. I must say that those are some great news! I was so pissed when I saw Lindsay not winning, then got excited for Samuel, then got excited for Lindsay again. Haha. Lindsay should have won the 7 episode arc really. She was clearly the best singer and actress and she nailed that final performance, but I guess it's really hard for woman to win anything. I'm so recapping this show in full next year. It was so fun to watch, plus the talent was pretty great. Plus we now have four new talented actors in Glee! Well, three plus Alex. Haha.
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