Signed to The Knife's Rabid Records, Jenny Wilson is one of Sweden's most unique artists of this past years. With an organic and simple, yet extremely weird, style, Jenny's unique voice wows in every single one of her three records, "Love and Youth", "Hardships!" and her latest release "Blazing", in which her soulish sound fully shines. "Like a Fading Rainbow" is definitely one of her best tunes,  one that oddly makes me think of country, just like many songs of her albums, even though, sound wise, it's far away from it. Maybe it's the weird rifle in "Hardships!"'s cover or maybe I'm just crazy, but one thing is certain, she's got an undeniable talent that shouldn't be ignored, so make sure to take a look at her wonderful videos!

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Buy her music HERE (SE), HERE (US) or HERE (UK)

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