Drama queen Kitty Brucknell was finally eliminated last week and now the top 6 is villanless. Kitty proved to be one of the most entertaining acts of the series but she had never warmed enough to the public. But a 7th place is really respectable, a place which past villan Katie Waissel achived last year. Now, the remaining 6 will take on songs from the movies in one of the most repetitive themes ever! Who'll be a blockbuster? Who'll be a flop? ... It's time to face the music!

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Craig Colton


"License to Kill"  - 5/10 - Craig's been boring everyone week in and week out, so what a better way to prove he's not a yawnfest by giving him the sleepiest song ever. Yes, he's got a great voice but his boring look, the song choices and the old fashioned arrengments will utlimately do him in. I wish I had a license to kill too ...

Louis: I’ve been your biggest supporter apart from Gary since day one, i love your voice, you’re a great person. The only negative thing is I don’t think it was a brilliant song choice. You’re better than that.
Tulisa: You sounded amazing as you always do, but I do have to agree with Louis. It was a bit predictable. Last week you blew me away so it felt like a bit of a step down.
Kelly: You always deliver vocally, and I just love you I really do. I really think you nailed it tonight and maybe just a little more personality….but that’s the only constructive criticism I can give you.
Gary: This is lazy critique tonight, this is a singing competition not a song choosing competition. That was an incredible performance tonight, you completely nailed it as usual, well done mate!

Janet Devlin


"Kiss Me" - 9/10 - In contrast to Craig, Janet, who was also getting boring, totally amped up her game tonight with a totally different side of her but still right in her wheelhouse. She took this great song and made it even more fantastic with her unique tone and the dreamy setting, plus she finally showed us her fun side. That was probably her best performance to date. Welcome back to the competition!

Louis: Every week you deliver, no tricks. With you it’s all about the voice, you’ve got natural celtic charm.
Tulisa: Janet I am so happy to see you back in your comfort zone. You look like you’re enjoying yourself. My only advice is next week, if you make it through, pull out some big songs…something epic.
Gary: I think over the last three weeks your performances have been below average, however tonight a great improvement! Much better tonight. It’s all about song choice, when you get the song right it really soars. You were really connected tonight and so were we.
Kelly: Well done tonight, this was a great performance to bounce back. I love that, I am so proud!

Amelia Lily


"Think" - 6/10 - I just can't warm to Amelia and the fact that she's singing this song isn't helping her to achive that. This sounds as a fantastic idea given that she's Kelly's big belter but she's just falling flat with it. She doesn't have the range to take on this, thus she's sounding really pitchy. Is there a return policy in this show?

Louis: Amelia last week you stole the show, you are definitely the comeback girl and the one to watch. You could go all the way! Kelly why did you send her home?
Tulisa: You are an absolute credit to this competition. You sounded amazing, you look amazing, the energy is amazing. The only issue is again song choice. It wasn’t well known enough. I don’t know that song.
Gary: Fantastic performance tonight well done. I am going to try and be constructive. I thought the whole track was a semi tone too high for you tonight, I thought that your rushed in places but in general I thought it was a great performance.
Kelly: I think you did a great job mama and not everybody will know the song. But it’s all good, you had a great performance.

Misha B


"I Have Nothing" - 7,5/10 - Look who's playing on the sob story! Oh, she's also playing on the fake personality! What happened to the overconfident Misha from the first weeks, it seems she's gone and has been replaced by JHud impersonator. Don't get me wrong, that was an impressive vocal performance but not as emotional as Misha wanted it to look like, I missed the spark there. Proud for Gary also, he finally gave a real criticism!

Louis: Every week you bring something new, I want people to vote for you because I want you here next week.
Tulisa: Misha I don’t even know where to start. How beautiful you look tonight, what an amazing voice you have. You blew me away you really did. That was a beautiful performance, it really was amazing.
Gary: I can’t tell you how sad I was last week to see you in the bottom two. I completely disagree with every person out there because I can’t believe that no one is voting for you. The other thing that makes me sad is that it’s affecting you, your song choices and your performance. i think you’re being too safe. I want Misha B back the way you should be. If you’re going to go out of this competition, go with your integrity!
Kelly: Misha I thought tonight was a great performance, your delivery was so great. I am so proud of you!

Little Mix


"Don't Let Go (Love)" - 9,5/10 - This sounds very ... girlband-ish? Of course they are a girlband but now they are sounding like one, they started as this hip cool thing but they've been slowly stepping away from that. Don't mistake me, I love how they are developing and the fact that their fanbase is really growing. I'd just like them to go back to week 1 and do something like that next week. This was definitely the best performance of the night and I doubt I've any critique to them, Perrie's got a fenomenal voice and I just can't get enough of Jesy's great tone. The question isn't anymore if they'll break the girlband curse cause they've already done it, the question now is if they got enough to take the prize. And I think they do!

Louis: It’s incredible how much you have grown and blossomed. We’re looking at the next big girlband in the UK. Go all the way girls!
Kelly: Tonight everything I’ve been wanting you to do, you’re doing. You look so much more polished, you sound better and OMG I am so happy. You could be the best girl group to come out of the UK.
Gary: That was your best performance to date. Brilliant! But I have one request and next week we will have two songs next week and I want to see something more stripped back.
Tulisa: Girls can I just take the time to express to the nation how proud I am. You really went for it tonight.

Marcus Collins


"Higher and Higher"  - 7/10 - Wow, too much pink! Good thing about that, the ridiculous jacket kept me from watching this cheesy performance by leaving me blind. What I don't like about Marcus is that he's a crowd pleaser and doesn't try to be a real artist with his own original style. He just seems to be throwing old fashioned cheesy numbers to get votes. Do you really want an album full of "Reet Petite"s?

Louis: Marcus the little man from Liverpool with the big soulful voice. I love your energy and I have nothing hut good things to say about you.
Tulisa: That is what movie week is about. You understood the theme, that was amazing, you’re back on top!
Kelly: Marcus has been here and Marcus has shut the building down! I feel like right now I ma levitating from the energy you radiated so beautifully tonight.
Gary: Marcus by far the performance of the night tonight, incredible. No other contestant has improved the way you have week after week. It was so uplifting, congratulations mate, amazing!
    1.  Little Mix
    2. Janet Devlin
    3. Misha B
    4. Marcus Collins
    5. Amelia Lily 
    6. Craig Colton


      BOTTOM 2:

      Craig Colton vs. Amelia Lily

      Craig Colton - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
      Amelia Lily  - "You and I"
      Judges' votes for elimination:
      Gary: Amelia Lily
      Kelly: Craig Colton
      Tulisa: Amelia Lily
      Louis: Craig Colton
        2-2 Deadlock.
      This are some shocking but not so shocking results. Craig had it coming with his boring yawnfest and I'm glad that now another Joe McElderry won't win. Amelia, on the other hand, was being tipped as the frontrunner but that all ended here. It's actually not that surprising, you can't enter a competition halfway through it and go on to win it all. The other contestants have already grown a fanbase and Amelia hasn't by being eliminated in week 1.
      Craig is his usual self = boring. Amelia on the other hand, is delivering an emotional restrained version of "You and I", much superior to Craig's in many levels. The judges proceed to vote with Tulisa inexplicably votes to cut Amelia, stating that Craig's was more emotional. It all comes down to the first deadlock of the series, revealing that the eliminated contestant is Craig Colton! Finally UK!

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