This's been a fantastic week! After the dreadful Johnny Robinson and ill fated manufactured boyband The Risk were eliminated, Frankie Cocozza, the worst and most disgusting act that has ever touch this stage, was kicked out of the show after breaking a "golden rule", drug (cocaine) use. So now, with one place available, the producers have decided to give one of the contestants the chance to return. Since 2 Shoes, Amelia Lily, James Michael and Jonjo Kerr have never faced the public vote, people will now be able to bring one of them back to replace Frankie, in the most unfair twist yet. Plus, the top 7 will perform Gaga/Queen songs tonight. Who will come back? Who will shine? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Kitty Brucknell


"Don't Stop Me Now" - 6/10 - Poor Kitty. She was super excited to sing a Gaga song, "Born this Way", but Kelly has already picked that song for Misha, so now she's singing Queen. Why didn't she sing another Gaga song? This staging is quite bizarre, she's apparently a greek warrior in a chariot pulled by leather dressed man-horses? Her vocals are surprisingly tuneless at the start, this is definitely her worst performance so far and even if it improved in the fastest part, that wasn't impressing. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended in the B2.

Louis: I want people to lift the phone and vote, I don’t want her in the bottom two. Don’t stop her now.
Tulisa: Kitty I know that you were upset and you didn’t get to sing your song, but you don’t know how much that song suited you. I think it was a great opening to the show.
Gary: Kitty you have been in the bottom two twice, it’s not easy to get out of there. You’ve come out again fighting, it was a good performance tonight. Louis does always pick a good song for you but one little tip for me, if you are lucky enough to be here next week, I think you need to connect with the audience. For me I’d take the makeup off, you’re a pretty girl. Dress simply, do something a bit more stripped back, because I feel like the less you do the more we’ll feel.
Kelly: It was a really fun performance, it was a great performance.

Craig Colton


"Paparazzi"  - 6,5/10 - Everytime I hear this song, I can't help but think of Martin Chodúr's cover (in case you are wondering who the fuck is that, look HERE), and even if Craig's isn't that similar, the fact that he slowed it down is enough for me to compare the two. The problem I've with Craig is that all his performances sound the same and even if he has a great voice, he bores me to death. This was still one of  his best performances, even if he's became the biggest one trick pony ever.

Louis: A great song choice, I loved the arrangement of the song. You hit every single note. You’ve got great stage presence and again you reminded me of a young Gary Barlow.
Tulisa: That for me was the best performance you have ever done. You brought out the same emotion I felt in your first audition tonight. It makes me realise why you’re here. That was absolutely beautiful.
Gary: Here we are again, well done, amazing night, you are playing this competition beautifully. At the start it was all about your voice, at the middle it was about your versatility, now we’re beginning to realise who you are as an artists. Well done.
Kelly: Wow, do you realise how great that was? I was not expecting that tonight but I love the way you put your own stamp on it. You made it yours and I think it is so important in this competition for all the contestants to make songs theirs, you just did that.

Little Mix


"Telephone / Radio Ga Ga" - 9/10 - After Sophie was cut, this girls became the only thing I want to see on the show. Tonight, Perrie is getting the lead and that's a fantastic decision cause she's probably the best singer in the group. This is a weird mash-up, I've never been a fan of "Radio Ga Ga" and the transition didn't seem right. Thankfully it only was a line cause "Telephone" was great, probably up there with "Super Bass", my fave performance from them.

Louis: Girls there is a massive gap in the UK market for a girl band. I love the image and styling and I think you have a big future.
Kelly: You know I love you guys, I enjoyed the performance but the vocals at the top were a bit shaky. But as the songs progressed you got better and better. I do want you to tighten up those harmonies.
Gary: Girls I feel a little bit disappointed in you tonight, not because of the performance but just because I feel it’s becoming predictable. Too obvious with the song choice. Tulisa it feels like you are running out of ideas for these girls.
Tulisa: They are finding a direction musically, they are finding a market and a fanbase.

Janet Devlin


"Somebody to Love" - 8/10 - After trying uptempo and failing at it, Janet is back at what she knows best, sleepy ballads. I hope she gives uptempo another chance soon. I love how she's made this song her own, slowing it down to funeral march levels, and I mean that in the best way possible. The performance was quite dreamy and it's a fact that Janet is a really captivating performer. I hope her fan base is still voting for her cause it'll be a shame if she's cut. Oh, it her birthday! Happy 17 girl!

Louis: Janet another captivating performance. I think you’re the most consistent performer and I think you’re the person that everyone is going to have to beat. I can see you in the final now.
Tulisa: Janet there is no doutb about it, I can see there is a market for you, there’s a fanbase, there are people that will buy your albums. My only issue is that your style is a bit one dimensional and for me, I’d have to be in a certain mood to listen to your album.
Gary: Janet I hate to see this but I’m starting to lose interest in you I really am. To me that performance didn’t work tonight, it was bordering on boring. I think you need to take these opportunities every week and think of them as if you are presenting your first single. I just don’t feel like you’re making enough of an effort.
Kelly: Janet has worked really hard and she definitely went back to her roots I really respect her for that.

Marcus Collins


"Another One Bites the Dust"  - 7,5/10 - Marcus has found his identity, he wants to be a Bruno Mars impersonator. Well, he's doing a great job with that but this looks like a redo of last week performance. Retro voice, lots of dancers and the same staging. This is still much better than his first performances but his became predictable, and thus, boring. We are looking at another Olly Murs here ...

Louis: Every week you deliver, you have something incredible called charisma. You have so much charisma, you light up the stage, you’re going to be here next week, you have to be.
Tulisa: Marcus I love the fact that last week you pulled out this old school rock and roll vibe but it was new and this week, you’re doing it again and it becomes predictable. I’d say change it up next week.
Kelly: I thought this week was a really good week, but because of last week, I felt like I was watching you mock a dance step, think of vocals in your head and I want you to have more freedom on stage.
Gary: Tactical critique that’s called Marcus, we are in the presence of a popstar. Well done!

Misha B


"Born This Way" - 9,5/10 - Misha is one her way to pull of a Cher Lloyd and if she keeps performing like this, she might do it. This girl is damn ready and even that I hate the fact that she stole Sophie's place, and Janet's lunch money, the girl steals the show everytime she's on stage! That was great. And we've get another crazy comparisson from Louis, Chaka Khan! Really? Haha.

Louis: Misha every week I look forward to your performance because you always bring something new.
Tulisa: What an amazing rendition of that song. It was all about the vocal tonight and it reminded me that you are one of the strongest vocalists in this competition. It really did sound amazing.
Gary: You are truly a class act, it was great to watch you tonight, brilliant vocals again. I see you around the house and a lot of the other contestants are sleeping but you are always researching what you’re going to do next. Great attitude, well done tonight!
Kelly: Misha I am very proud of you!

Amelia Lily


"The Show Must Go On"8/10  - Well, this was damn predictable right? Amelia was once a frontrunner and they made her compete with 3 fodder contestants, there was no doubt she was gonna win and she did it with the 48% of the votes. Now Christina Aguilera with pink hair is back in it to win it with an incredible unfair advantage against her fellow contestants. I don't like this song being covered cause no one does a good job with it, that said, Amelia was quite great during her comeback performance cause it's a fact that she has a fantastic voice. But she's still generic and nothing can't take that other fact away.

Louis: Amelia, that was an amazing pop vocal. You’re only 17! Welcome back and I think now you’ll get to show your proper talent.
Tulisa: Who would have thought? All these other acts have had weeks to progress and to learn their craft and perfect it and you’ve come in at this point of the competition and you’ve come in at the same level as the other acts. You deserve to be here and I’m really happy for you.
Gary: Amelia, that was absolutely sensational. Let me tell you something from someone who knows, the great British public love a comeback. Get ready!
Kelly: Amelia, girl, you came back and you mean some serious business. And I love it. Welcome, frickin, back! Bless my cotton socks I am so happy! I have three acts!
    1.  Misha B
    2. Little Mix
    3. Janet Devlin
    4. Amelia Lily
    5. Marcus Collins
    6. Craig Colton
    7. Kitty Brucknell

      I was betting that Janet or even Craig would have ended in the B2, but they are both called out safe, resulting in Misha B and Kitty Brucknell ending in the B2. We all know how this is gonna end right? Kitty is up first with a beautiful "Over the Rainbow" stripped back performance, at least when she leaves tonight, she'll leave with a bang. Misha B is next and does an equally good rendition of "Who You Are". In the most obvious result, the judges opt to eliminate the crazy entertaining  Kitty, who shows us what she would have done with the song her fellow B2 contender stole from her and it's darn amazing. If Kelly hadn't stolen the song from Kitty, she would have probably been safe.
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