It's finally here! The night we have all been waiting for. The Top 17 will perform and only 12 will be standing that make it to the voting rounds. They've gotten this far. Who will rise to the occasion? Who will crumble under the pressure? And who will win a recording contract with Epic Records worth 5 million dollars? ... It's time to face the music!

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Astro (Brian Bradley)

"Jump" (Kris Kross) - 3.5/10 - I still can't stand this kid. It's alright in the beginning but this quickly gets annoying. He also adds his own twist of lyrics into the song that I don't care for either, makes him look like an ass-kisser. I'm not sure how many times he can get away with doing the same thing every week. One-trick pony. - VIDEO

Nicole: After that performance, I couldn't think of a better way to kick off live performances here in America... This is going to be a very easy decision for L.A. Reid.
Paula: This is what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. Welcome to the business.
Simon: I said before that you were probably the most obnoxious, confident contestant I've ever met, now that's times triple because you've just came out on this stage, 14 years old, live, and you've just killed everybody.

Chris Rene

"Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (Miles Gregory) - 5/10 - Well, this definitely isn't his best. It's boring and rather underwhelming. He's really pitchy in some parts and seems kind of uncomfortable. However, I still see massive potential. - VIDEO

Nicole: That was a really good performance... I don't know, personally, if I would have picked that song for you... but you still did your thing on it.
Paula: When you open up your mouth to sing, there is a general truthfulness thatis authentic about you and you're infectious... You have that spiritual connection that you just pull in and you deliver.
Simon: I don't think you are the best singer in this competition but you are one of the best recording artists in this competition... The fact is that you did something with this that was unusual, it pushed, your nerves came through a bit. But what I love about you, you are 100% authentic.

Phillip Lomax

"I'm a Believer" (The Monkees) - 3.5/10 - Well, LA Reid totally sabotaged this guy with the song choice. It's awful and cheesy. It's sad watching Phillip try to make it work. I now see how Astro can make the voting rounds.. Grrr... - VIDEO

Nicole: That was amazing. You were radiating up there and you had fun. Because you had fun, we had a lot of fun.
Paula: The one thing about you that I love the most is you know how to connect with an audience. Your smile, it's your golden ticket. It's amazing.
Simon: You've got massive potential but tonight, you were like a racing driver and LA put you into a tractor... The song is too cheap, it's too throwaway, it's too cabaret. LA, on this guy, you 100% failed.

Marcus Canty

"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" (Culture Club) - 4/10 - I like Marcus but I did not like this performance. Don't care for the song choice, the performance doesn't go anywhere and he hits a few really shitty notes on top of it. I don't think LA did his category any favors tonight. - VIDEO

Nicole: You just make it look too easy... I just have on thing to say, you were born to be on that stage.
Paula: I feel like I've been watching a veteran on stage and you make me all nervous. Like, you're staring at us and you're connecting with us... I loved that performance, Marcus. You owned that stage.
Simon: For me, out of the four boys, you're the one who thought this through, understood that there's a five million dollar deal here, the Pepsi commercial. You gave it everything I would have wanted if I was your mentor.

The Stereo Hogzz

"Try a Little Tenderness" (Otis Redding) - 6/10 - My main problem with this band so far is that only one out of the five actually sings, the other four are dancers and occasionally back-up singers. However, this is better than anything we saw in LA's category. I really like the choreography and dubstep mix in the middle, it vividly reminded me of Team iLuminate from the last season of America's Got Talent. - VIDEO

LA: You guys have come a long way since the very first time we watched you, you've put in the work... As much as I want to have some criticism, I have to admit it was really good.
Nicole: Boys, that was foolproof, that was solid all the way around, it was current and classic.
Simon: I love this band. There is nothing right now in the charts like you. There should be a band like you in the charts right now. It was that great mix of retro, current, the choreography was great. Paula, you've done a great job, I hate to say this.

The Brewer Boys

"Rich Girl"/"Faith" (Hall & Oates/ George Michael)- 5/10 - Well.. Not a fan of the song choice mash-up. The "Faith" part of the performance was really good but the "Rich Girl" part was really corny. They then go into this hoedown thing toward the end that I absolutely despise. The dancers are distracting and cheesy. At this point, they're not even harmonizing that well. - VIDEO

LA: You were good but Paula, I got the sense this was a little out of your comfort zone. I mean, it was good, right? But I know you, I know your style and this was a little different for you. I don't know if I was blown away but it was very good.
Nicole: If I was a teenager again, I'd have you all over my walls. Good job, boys.
Simon: I think that you've progressed. My issue, once again, is to remind everyone that it's five million dollar contract. I didn't like the choreography, Paula. I thought it was very throwaway. This to me didn't shine like it should have done for me.


"The Clapping Song"/ "Footloose" (Shirley Ellis/ Kenny Loggins) - 6.5/10 - These guys wowed me at the Judges Houses. I don't like this as much as I did their performance then but this is still really good and entertaining. We really get to see Ellona and Arin shine, which is nice. That's an advantage this group has over the others, they can switch who gets lead vocals to fit the song. - VIDEO

LA: That was really impressive. For a group that's been put together, I felt like you guys have grown together really well, you've gelled. And that was thoroughly entertaining and everything that we put you together to do.
Nicole: I hope you all are enjoying this. You're like my pumpkin patch of... yummy pumpkins... All of you are little stars, good job.
Simon: That was the equivalent of a music miracle... I loved the fact that you included "Footloose" which is very current right now. From a record company perspective, I'd look at you and say "I've got the new young Glee in front of me". I think there's a fan base for you, I think you bring energy, I think it's current.

Lakoda Rayne

"Come On Eileen" (Dexys Midnight Runners) - 5/10 - Bizarre song choice. Not a fan of the obvious Country twang they out on it either. They do a nice job in the verses but I think the vocals in the choruses are really weak. Meh overall. - VIDEO

LA: If the four of you walked into my office right now and you did what you just did, you'd be signed to a worldwide recording contract. I love everything about you, you did a good job.
Nicole: Coming from a girl group, you make girl groups look good... You sounded amazing and you look classy and I know you've only been together for a short time but you look like a family together. I'm really proud of you.
Simon: Most of the best pop groups in the world have always happened because somebody's put talented people together which is what happened with you but this is better that I could have thought... Right now, there is a gap in the market for a group like you.

Dexter Haygood

"Womanizer"/ "I Kissed a Girl" (Britney Spears/ Katy Perry) - 5.5/10 - This is hilariously terrible... But the points in entertainment far surpass most of what we've seen tonight. If Dexter is one of the most entertaining of the night, you know something is amiss. Nicole either sabotaged him or was showing how he could be the perfect joke contestant. - VIDEO

LA: I think you found Dexter... Now I have to say, I don't know what she was thinking about to give you the song but you did a good job so it wasn't your fault.
Paula: Why wouldn't you have sung "SHE kissed a girl and I liked it"? I don't get it.
Simon: There was part of the lyric there that say "It felt so wrong but feels so right" and in a weird way, that's what I felt. I mean the combination of you, Nicole, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, it's like the weirdest milkshake in the world... I like you because you're interesting and unpredictable.

LeRoy Bell

"Nobody Knows" (Pink) - 4/10 - I really want to like LeRoy but I find almost everything about his performances to be bland and unexciting. I'm not positive this was a fantastic song choice either. If this keeps up, I can see him easily fading and soon out of the contest. - VIDEO

LA: I would have given you a better song... The thing that confuses me about you is you have everything, I don't even get why you haven't become a big star already because there is nothing missing... Anyway, really good.
Paula: Your voice is velvet... I've known someone since seven years old and it's Michael Bolton and I love his voice, your voice is pure magic tonight.
Simon: I think you have one of the best voices in this competition... Where I have a slight issue at the moment is I don't believe that you've quite got the connection with you and Nicole... I wish I was mentoring you because I genuinely believe that you could be a fantastic recording artist.

Stacy Francis

"One More Try" (George Michael) - 4.5/10 - No, I still don't like her voice or style... What the hell is she wearing? She looks like Adam Lambert. Oh yay, Muppet voice comes out as well. I really don't have much to say. Overrated, but I will give her points for being more exciting than others tonight. - VIDEO

LA: You know what Nicole? This time you got it right... I'm proud of you. You know what I'm most proud of right? You're not crying so don't start. (LOL)
Paula: Tonight, you came out looking like a star... You told a beautiful story... It was a brilliant delivery, well done.
Simon: I didn't like what you were wearing, I didn't like the song because you're not that kind of singer. What you are, and you are brilliant at this, is that you are a church singer... I know how brilliant you are but this needs a massive, massive shift in the right direction.

Josh Krajcik

"Forever Young" (Bob Dylan) - 9/10 - This performance is simply amazing. I love how he performs here with little music and what is playing is very eerie yet beautiful. If it was slightly longer, I would have started crying. His voice has never sounded better. This was chilling and instantly puts him in the top tier of contestants. One of the best performances of the season so far. - VIDEO

LA: You have one of my favorite voices, you're one of the greatest singers in this competition. I just love your voice, man. I love your energy, everything about you, it measures up for me. Good luck to you.
Paula: Your voice is my favorite voice I think I've heard in the past decade. I love you to pieces.
Simon: You are the artist I fear because you've got it all going on. That was a brilliant, brilliant choice of song. It was understated, you made a point, you are the real deal. Probably the best performance we've had.

Simone Battle

"Just Be Good to Me" (The SOS Band) - 2/10 - Ugh... This is so whatever. Her voice is bland and weak, she hasn't improved or anything since she came on this show. The dancers and stage-setup is stupid. I just hope she doesn't make the next round. Shouldn't have made it this far in the first place. Perfectly good waste of television air time. - VIDEO

LA: Everything was right except your choice in contestant. I never did understand why you (Simon) put her through and now this. I don't get it, I just don't get it, I still don't get it. You must be really rich because five million dollars clearly doesn't mean much to you. (I love you LA Reid)
Nicole: You, my love, are beautiful and you came and you looked like a diva star and I'm proud of you. You did a great job.
Paula: You look the part. You look lovely and beautiful. I just wish there weren't as many dancers because I would have liked to seen you perform more.

Rachel Crow

"Where Did Our Love Go"/"Baby" (The Supremes/ Justin Bieber) - 5/10 - She looks ridiculous on that plastic stair/platform. However, I think this is the best Rachel has sounded in the competition, but I only think that because the song choice didn't give her enough range to show off her annoying glory notes. Overall, I enjoyed. - VIDEO

LA: I love you, girl. You can have a career in music if you'd like but you know, you can have a career that's much bigger than music because you really put your heart to it. You'd make a terrific actress, honey.
Nicole: I don't know what your mentor was thinking with choosing that song. If I mentored you, it would have been a different story and I would have shown what you're truly capable of with your vocal range and everything but you did an amazing job, honey.
Paula: You can do anything you want, you can run for President if you want. You are the most likable girl I have ever met and I agree with Nicole, you (Simon) should have given her more of a range, she could have shown exactly what she does best.

Drew Ryniewicz

"Flashdance... What a Feeling" (Irene Cara) - 8.5/10 - What can I say? This is absolutely beautiful. The piano gives such an innocent and captivating touch to the song. Drew's voice is sweet and soothing. The fog and the doves in the background are the icing on the cake. There is something about Drew's performances that just mesmerize me to no end. My only criticism is that she gave her Judges Houses performance a similar treatment but still, there is massive potential with this one. - VIDEO

LA: You have an amazing voice, you're the whole package. What pains me is that I have to give him a compliment. Simon, that was so good. You're a star, girl.
Nicole: I can't believe I'm going to say it, that was really good, Simon... You're just like my little Folk princess up there. Drew, I would go to your concert... I am speechless right now, you took my breath away.
Paula: That was the perfect song to show her unique vulnerability. You connect with an audience and the sweetness in your voice, you tell a story. You are well beyond your years, my dear. Congratulations.

Tiah Tolliver

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (Eurythmics)- 2/10 - Dumb song choice. Her pronunciation is horrible, the arrangement is equally bad, she's still pitchy. With the dancers looking like a bunch of people being strangled in sleeping bags, this is such a wannabe Lady Gaga performance. - VIDEO

LA: That was a great production, I was looking for the kitchen sink but everything else was there... I guess you're one of his favorites and congratulations to for that performance.
Nicole: If that was a sweet dream, I'd hate to see what one of the scary ones are like. I think you guys are a good match for each other... Tonight you were committed and you were fierce.
Paula: I give you credit because one thing I do know about you, you have this fierce drive about you. The performance was very interesting. Sweetheart, I will say this again, if you want to do this for a living, you're going to have to work on your pitch.

Melanie Amaro

"I Have Nothing" (Whitney Houston) - 7.5/10 - Excellent way to end the show. Her performance of this song is almost flawless and totally puts Rachel's version from bootcamp to shame. Makes Simon look dumb for him originally wanting to put off-key and untalented Simone and Tiah in over her. Take that Simon, you dolt. - VIDEO

LA: We really did save the best for last because honey, you are unbelievable. I thought the song choice was predictable but it kinda doesn't matter because you nailed it, you knocked it out of the park.
Nicole: I don't know what it is about you but I just connect with you every time, you're just so special and I'm so grateful that you're on this show.
Paula: I'm so, so grateful that he believed in you and brought you back. We love you so much, you are so special, so special.

  1. Josh Krajcik
  2. Drew Ryniewicz
  3. Melanie Amaro
  4. InTENsity
  5. The Stereo Hogzz
  6. Dexter Haygood
  7. The Brewer Boys
  8. Chris Rene
  9. Rachel Crow
  10. Lakoda Rayne
  11. Stacy Francis
  12. LeRoy Bell
  13. Marcus Canty
  14. Phillip Lomax
  15. Astro
  16. Simone Battle
  17. Tiah Tolliver

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