Another week and another recap! Last week, it was Apollo23's time to say goodbye, when the judges decided to keep Rocktenors for one more week. The remaining 8 contestants will now sing award-winning songs, in the hopes to staying one more week in the contest. Who will shine? Who will fail? ... It's time to face the music!

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Don’t cry (Guns N’ Roses)5/10 - I really don't know why they’re still in the competition. They should have never made it over Apllo23. Maybe it's because I’m not into their style, I do think their voices sound ok together (sometimes at least) but not when they sing by themselves, specially the guy in the middle. It seems the judges like it more than last week, and I think it did sounded better, but still… not my cup of tea.

Alexa Bagosi

I don’t need a man (Pussycat Dolls)3.5/10 - Nothing to do compared to last week's performance. She was totally out of tune at parts and I belive both her voice and her attitude need to be sexier to pull this out, and she just didn’t do it. Where is last week's seductive girl? She'll probably end in the B2 this week cause she doesn’t look very happy after the judge comments ...

Gergő Baricz

Use somebdoy (Kings of Leon) 8.5/10 - This is a great tune for Gergő. The setting was perfect and it made the song look much more special than it really is. I still think he's the biggest personality of all the contestants when he's on stage, yeah, he doesn't have the best voice but he has tons of charisma and is really self confident. Great performance, which even mead Ildikó teary!

Vera Kováts

Elég volt! (Gabi Tóth)6/10 - I think this is the first Hungarian song of the season I've heard before and I must say that I love the original. And I do love Vera’s version too! She seems to have some voice issues at the beginning, but this is still much better than last week's performance. I think Vera's more comfortable in this upbeat pop-rock songs. She’s still has to improve the higher notes, cause she’s not singing, she's screaming.

Tamás Tarany

Minden most kezdődik el (Ákos)8.5/10 - It’s difficult to say anything bad about Tamás. He’s always great on stage, but can this become a problem? Hope not, cause I know it's always better to evolve in this kind of shows and that's something I always miss in his performances. He does a great job but I already knew he’d do one before his performance. Anyway, he rocks once more!

Lil C

Hol van az a lány (Vonat Fekete)5.5/10 - Another a RnB song. Doing this should allow him to keep growing but for some reason, it's not happening. He also seems a little lost at parts. However, the dancing was great but I don't think he gave his best during that performance, and he should have cause that song was perfect for him.

Enikő Muri

Feel (Robbie Williams)4.5/10 - Wow, this is not a good start. This could have been a very powerful performance but Enikő isn't showing her potential here. She’s trying but she doesn't always can. And though she gave her all in the higher parts, the softer lines seemed to swallow her. If Tamas, Tibor or Gergö had sang this song, it would have been a thousand times better.

Tibor Kocsis

Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? (Friderika Bayer)8.5/10 - This song represented Hungary at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. It sounds like a lullaby at the beginning to me. The song goes perfectly well with his tone, he's nothing to envy to Friderika's original version, and this is even a little more powerful. Almost perfect, though he looks very static. Oh look, Ildikó is teary again!


It seems my prediction wasn't completely wrong, cause Alexa has found herslef in the B2 with Lil C, who is facing it for the second time. I would have chosen Enikö instead of him but he was still an option. Alexa is up first with Bryan Adam’s "Heaven".  I think she’s not totally focused today, cause she is not being her tonight. Lil C sings R. Kelly’s "I believe I can fly". And though he seems a bit nervous, he’s still doing it a little better than Alexa. I really don’t like any of these performances to be honest but if I had to chose, I would keep Lil C. And the judges seem to agree, sending Alexa Bagosi home. This was definitely not a good night for her and it’s a pity, because last week she was almost perfect!

As a bonus, Kati Wolf (6th on last year's X-Faktor and ESC Hungary entry for 2011) performed her new single, "Vár a Holnap". Her next concert is in Budapest on November, 20, so make sure to attend and see this great performer!

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