This weekend something important is happening in Ukraine. And no, I'm not talking about the elections for government. I'm talking about the XF first liveshow! For me the most exciting part is too see how the contestants have been polished. It's only been a week for us since we've learnt the names of our lucky twelve, but for them it was much longer. So what's happened in the meantime? Let's find out!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Before we get to the performances, we get to see some sort of Glee-ish performance by the Top 12. Some of them look creepy and some hot, and somehow I get really excited to see them all on the big XF stage. Today's theme is favourite hits, so basically any song in the world would be ok.

Julia Plaksina
(Юлия Плаксина)


"Ну и что" - 4/10 - She was the first act we saw auditioning and she is the one to open the first live show. She has the same look tonight (overtanned, if you ask me) but she's feeling nervous and vulnerable cause her mentor gave her an unexpected song. This was a mediocre performance, she can do better, even if I don't like her, I've to admit that she is a professional. Seryoga claims the performance was the brightest opening to any live show (Really Seryoga? Can you be less obvious when you want to flatter someone? I understand they can't really critique the very first performance but all of them saying such good things irritated me, ugh.

Aida Nikolaychuck
(Аида Николайчук) 


"Woman in love" - 8/10 - The moment we've all been waiting for since the second season started, Aida performing live as a contestant. Everyone think she's a mystery but she says she's not (she's just boring). Wow, this is a big song. If you close your eyes you'll really like the performance as her voice is stunning. Personally, I don't like her stage presence and I think she will be in trouble during dance week if there's one. Sosedov says he was disappointed and did not like the arrangement and that Aida was too refined and cold (I might agree with him on this).

Ilya Efimov
(Илья Ефимов)


"Белый лебедь" - 7/10 - As Seryoga says, he's brutal but kind. Oh, he's smoking on stage, can they keep it PG-13? I love Ilya's deep voice and cannot really critique him, sorry. They tried to style this performance like a movie and it actually worked. Igor says he would vote for him tomorrow (for government) if Ilya was amongst the candidates (careful with political jokes Igor). Sosedov didn't like it, which is weird since he has a soft spot for boys.

(Группа «3D»)


"Поцелуи" - 6/10 - Irina introduces her re-grouped group 3D (applause for the name). I have to say I have seen no one like them in these competitions, plus they all can really sing. Igor did not expect them to be that good. Sosedov says it was sexy and symmetric. They either will get tones of votes or zero, I can't predict.

Eugeni Litvinkivitch
(Евгений Литвинкович)


"Мама" - 6/10 - Eugeni misses his family and his country (he is from Belarus). He almost cries when he discovers that his song is about a mother. The song choice looks completely random for me and I don't like his voice right now. Sosedov admits Eugeni is one of his favourites and thinks the song suited him but I was expecting more, him owning some huge hit or an unknown ballad. But there's no way he's going home today, so maybe he'll get there.

(Группа «D-версия»)


"Солдаты" - 7/10 - They are Irina's "bunnies". Their new name is "D-version", and yes, both her groups have the "d" letter on their names for Dubtzova). I'm very excited to see them. Awful song about army recruiting but they could sing anything and it would still be exciting. Boys look like they are enjoying themselves and Nazar raps which is a plus. After all, their performance was very energetic and enjoyable. I definitely want them to go far in this competition. Igor sums my opinion saying "The song is junk but you were great".

Janna Peregon
(Жанна Перегон)


"Ты здесь" - 5/10 - Sosedov's "angel" feels the XF is a new page of her life. Predictable song choice but risky staging. Still boring overall, I can't really feel what she's singing. Seryoga liked her so he wishes her luck. Sosedov points out how she pulls her toe while laying in bed, he says not every dancer does that (the most random comment in the history of musical shows).

Yakov Golovko
(Яков Павлович Головко) 


"Set me free" - 6/10 - 3-in-1 (Joe Cocker, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra) singer Yakov reminds me to some cartoon character. What's with the smoking on stage today? This is the right song for him, definitely. I expect an early exit for him but right now, he is kinda enjoyable. Apparently, he has pneumonia so everyone is kind. Seryoga says Yakov lighted up the room.

Melen Passa
(Мелен Пасса) 


"Strong enough" - 2/10 - Sosedov gave Melen one of his favourite songs but the other judges are disappointed with his choice. I have two words to say. Predictable and weak. Wow, Irina gives Melen a hard time, and she never, never says a negative thing. This means I was right about Melen. The other judges stay positive about her though. Sosedov even says it was the performance of the night (and he is a musical critic for God's sake! Something has seriously damaged his ears).

Alexey Smirnov
(Алексей Смирнов) 


"Не питай" - 9,5/10 - The most unpredictable boy (Seryoga's version) and the best boy (my version). His voice is really gentle and sweet but strong at the same time. He fills the air with emotions and I believe every word that comes out of his mouth. I've to admit it was one of the best performances tonight and I've been rewatching this. Sosedov says it's a difficult, adult song and Alexey did all he could singing it. Igor likes Alexey's look (so do I, by the way).

Anatoly and Violetta
(Анатолий Бессмертный и Виолетта Козакова) 


"Ты на свете есть" - 5/10 - They are given a love song, of course. Their style is very suitable for this song, sweet and romantic. Violetta is great, Anatoly not so much. Sosedov critiques them to pieces, giving them the hardest time,  "the song was too big for you, I didn't feel your emotions, it was pitchy" ... He's too hard on them as they are new to the whole "duo" stuff.

Dmytry Sysoev
(Дмитрий Сысоев)


"It's my life" - 7/10 - Curly rocker Dmytry got the pimp spot tonight. He finally got the real rock song and rock look, and he rocks this performance (am I using the word "rock" too much?). Igor says he wants to see Dmytry again. Sosedov liked the energy and staging and thought everything was just perfect (finally the right words).

I'm surprised I really liked today's show. Almost everything was fresh and exciting (by the way, some opening videos were very cool!). But now it's time to make some predictions about who will end in the bottom two.

Who should be in the bottom two:

Melen and Janna.
Yoli's Ranking:
  1. Alexey Smirnov 
  2. Aida Nikolaychuck
  3. Ilya Efimov
  4. D-version
  5. Dmytry Sysoev
  6.  Eugeni Litvinkivitch 
  7. Yakov Golovko
  8. 3D  
  9. Janna Peregon
  10. Anatoly and Violetta
  11. Julia Plaksina
  12. Melen Passa
MDS's Ranking:
  1. Aida Nikolaychuck
  2. Eugeni Litvinkivitch
  3. Julia Plaksina
  4. Alexey Smirnov
  5. Janna Peregon
  6. Yakov Golovko
  7. 3D 
  8. Ilya Efimov
  9. Anatoly and Violetta
  10. Dmytry Sysoev
  11. Melen Passa
  12. D-version

Bottom two:

 Melen Passa (yes!)
3D (girlband curse?)

Melen Passa - She sings "Sneg" (The snow) and it is not a song to sing live, for sure. It's half past 12 and I literally almost fell asleep while she was singing.

3D - The girls sing something more upbeat, "Спасибо", thanks god. And oh, are they better than Melen!

Sosedov: "I can't really decide anything here. I don't care who votes if the audience voted for that awful duo" He goes on and on about the audience and it's bad taste ... Well, he is partly right, sometimes people do vote for pretty faces. But Melen was by far the worst tonight so he has no right to insult the audience for not voting for her.
Irina Dubtzova: "My girls and boys gave hope to all the people who was watching. Maybe not to sing, but to do something with their lives. I vote against Melen, but she is awesome and sang great".
Igor Kondratyuk: "I would love to hear the trio again so I vote for them to stay".
Seryoga: "This sing-off was deciding and Melen was brighter so I vote for her to stay".

Elimination (via deadlock): 

Melen Passa
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