Kody realized he couldn't really recap the show as he committed to do, so I'll be taking over the writing duties for both The Voice and The XF US this season, but if anyone is interested in the job, I'll be more than glad to hand it over. I don't eventually feature the unsuccessful auditionees but since Kody's been doing it, I'll also do it. So that's basically why this episode's been posted so late. ... This is The Voice!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Nathalie Hernandez - 15, from Dunedin, FL - When she was young she did recitals for kids. Now she participates in local competitions, like Teen Idol and Key Largo Idol. She missed both her prom and her brother's graduation to be here. She sings "White Horse". Nathalie's tone is gorgeous and she made this song sound much better than the original. She picked a great song to showcase her talent. I really loved how subtle it was, very melodic. Definitely one of my faves so far. Blake and Christina turn at the same time, then Adam joins them. In the end, Nathalie goes with Christina.

Rod Michael - 31, from Allentown, PA / now Atlanta, GA - When he was 19 he was signed to a boyband, B3, in Europe. He then came back to America, where no one knew him. He does a decent rendition of "Please Don't Go" but none of the coaches turn for him. He should've picked a song to show off his voice more cause this was definitely wasn't.

Caitlin Michele - 20, from Scituate, MA - She started singing at talent shows and musicals when she was 5. Music helped her get through when she was in highschool. She suffers from extreme panic disorder. When she has a panic attack, she stops breathing, her heart starts beating really fast and  usually pass out. She needed some kind of vice, that's when she discovered her passion for music. Caitlin has chosen "Cosmic Love", which is arguably a huge song. That said, she did wonderful with it. She definitely has a powerful set of pipes and her performance was flawless. Blake and Adam turn for her, with Caitlin picking Adam.On another note, she kinda looked like Karise Eden, didn't she?

Nicole Johnson - 18, from Denham Springs, LA / now Nashville, TN -  When she was 7 she wrote her first song and after that, she knew she wanted to be a singer. Within a year an half period, Nicole and her mom did almost 40 trips to Nashville, so she eventually moved there. She had to be home schooled in order to purse her music career. Just as Nathalie earlier, Nicole's got a beautiful interesting tone. She made Kelly Clarkson's "Mr Know It All"'s country version sound a lot more country than it already did. Cee Lo and then Blake turn, with Christina almost pushing hers too. She picks Blake, she's perfect for him. 

Kameron Corvet - 32, from Cincinnati, OH / now Atlanta, GA - He's a full time middle-school French teacher. He's playing guitar. He picks Seal's "Crazy" but his version of it sounds nothing like the original. It couldn't really recognize it. His performance is very cool but for some reason no one turns for him. 

Chevonne - 26, from Little Falls, NJ - She's a background singer, the most recent being Lady Gaga's Monster Tour. She says she felt like if she was part of a rock band. She says it did inspire her to pursue her own artistry. Chevonne's singing "Brass In Pocket" and honestly, it's not very strong. She's a great performer but her voice was decent at best. In the very end, both Blake and Cee Lo turn for her. After performing she says she had major eating disorders in the past. Cee Lo tells her he can relate to that. She goes for Cee Lo.

Kayla Nevarez - 17, from Mission Viejo, CA - She says her dad got her into soul and RnB music. Her dad got diagnosed with liver disease so she can't be here with her today. "He used to be so strong and now he's like the weakest person in the world". Her dad had to stop working and now her mom is the only one supporting the household. It got to hard for her to afford their house so they now live in a two bedroom apartment. I love her tone but it's a little nasal, I really like who smooth it sounded though. She's incredibly confident, she can be something great with very little work.  Adam turns really quick for her and Cee Lo and Christina join him soon after. Christina and Adam fight for her but she picks Adam. Adam's team is full now.

Celica Westbrook - 16, from Franklin, TN - She's a third generation singer. Her grandparents and parents were singers in the past. At 14 she was offered a record deal and was very close to being signed but it fall apart. Celica's got a powerful voice for a 16 y/o. She's belting a lot, she actually reminds me a lot to Xtina. She has a more unique tone though. The remaining coaches turn for her with Celica picking Christina.   Christina's team is now full.

Jay Taylor, Gedina, Taylor Wagner (Of whom I've wrote before, HERE) all get the boot. Had they performed on an earlier show, they would've probably make it.

Jessica Cayne - 26, from Grayson, GA- She's been singing for her whole life. Her biggest weakness is her insecurity. When she was younger she was bullied for being overweight and developed a year disorder. While she was on treatment, she used to dream of being well enough to play shows. Jessica has a much better voice than Chevonne, who we earlier saw making it. There were some pitch issues but she showed a lot of potential. Blake almost turned for her but in the end, no one picks her. She's extremely happy though.

Rudy Parris - 46, from Visalia, CA - He started playing music in 1976. He always wanted to be involved in music but when he turned 25 he got married and had a child. He stayed local and did local gigs and took care of his daughter. She's now 22 y/o and she recently had a kid too, so Rudy is a grandad now. He sings a countrified version of "Every Breath You Take". He's a great singer though there were some off moments. I was expecting a rocker honestly but this was a nice surprise.  Blake and Cee Lo turn for him but Rudy picks Blake as his coach. Blake team is also full.

Cody Belew - 27, from Beebe, Arkansas - He grew up in a farm. His family was in the rodeo, his dad was a bull rider. He believes he was an elderly black lady in his past life. He's an ok singer but didn't deserve the last audition spot. His really likable though. In the end Cee Lo turns for him but Cody doesn't realize it at first. When he realizes it, he goes nuts. Hilarious reaction. "You curse more than I do", says Adam. Haha.

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