Kody realized he couldn't really recap the show as he committed to do, so I'll be taking over the writing duties for both The Voice and The XF US this season, but if anyone is interested in the job, I'll be more than glad to hand it over. I don't eventually feature the unsuccessful auditionees but since Kody's been doing it, I'll also do it. So that's basically why this episode's been posted so late. ... This is The Voice!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Sylvia Yacoub - 19, from Alexandria, Egypt / now Muskegon, MI - She says growing up as a woman in Egypt isn't as easy as in America. "We don't get as many opportunities just because we are woman" Her influence is her mom, who wanted to be a professional singer back in the day. She's got a huge range and could eventually become a successful pop singer. She's also a cool performer. They all turn for her but Adam and eventually she picks Christina.

IJ Quinn - 25, from Warsaw, NC - He comes from a very small town. He works at his family pig farm. He says his voice is really  high and that he kinda sounds like a girl. No kidding? Well, he was right about sounding like a girl. He's not a good singer, his voice was too strained.  No one turns around for him.

Charlie Rey - 21, from Long Beach, CA - He works at his dad's car shop. His been dreaming about singing since he was an 8 y/o. He's singing Michael Buble's "Home". His tone is great but I could hear his nerves. It seemed he was mumbling some of the words but the ones he didn't sounded fantastic. He got more confident as it progressed, lots of potential. Adam and Blake turn but Charlie goes with the latter.

Amanda Brown - 27, from Bronx, NY -  She spent most of her time at church growing up. She used to sing background for Adele, which helped her realize she wanted to be her own artist. "Valerie" may've not been the best song for her but she certainly commanded that stage. Her voice was a bit bland most of the time but it got really great at the end. Only Cee Lo turned for her. She tells him he won't regret it.

Yolanda Barber - 55, from Pittsburgh, PA - She's been singing for 40/45 years. When she was 16 she moved to LA but never had a manager so she did random gigs until she started singing at a cruise but due to the economy she lost her job two years ago and now drives the school bus. "I'm supposed to be here, this is my time", she says. She's an excellent singer, one of the strongest so far. Her voice is huge but for some reason, none of the judges turns around. It's a shame cause she was far better than many of the acts we've seen. They all agree she's amazing though and shouldn't be driving a school bus. Maybe we'll see her again next season ... 

Cassadee Pope - 23, from West Palm Beach, FL - She's a full time musician. When she was 13 she started playing in bands and when she was 18 she formed the band Hey Monday, which was actually quite successful. The band toured with Fall Out Boy in the past. Since the band broke, Cassadee is been living of the profit they made as a band. "Torn" sounded weird on paper but she done great with it. Her vibrato got out of control at times but it actually added a great touch to her performance. Her phrasing was amazing too.  I honestly loved that and apparently all 4 coaches did too cause they all turn for her but she ultimately picks Blake.

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