Katelyn Clampett was a contestant on this year's American Idol. Unfortunatley, she was eliminated on Hollywood week, and we only get to see a glimpse of her performance. But this Berklee graduate in songwriting and production isn't giving up. Born on October 30, 1987 in Cary, North Carolina, Katlyn has some great music in store. She recently released a new single to iTunes entitled "Sweet Tea" and  she has a music video of a song titled "Water them Down" (whcih is at the end of the post). Now she is getting ready to participate in a contest which she wouldn't tell. (But I'll try to find it out later) As you may already know, Katleyn agreed to answer some questions to me, she told me what she tought of Lee's victory, how was all the experience, what's next for her and Britney Spears?.

Interview and video after the JUMP ...

*How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I'm a songwriter, first and foremost, and I write a lot of songs in different genres. For my own personal style, it's a blend of Pop, Rock, Country and Soul

*Who is your favourite artist of all time?
I don't have one. I know it's strange, but I don't have an idol. There are musicians that I respect tremendously, like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Johnny Lang, Marc Broussard, Braid Paisley, but I wouldn't say that they are my idols. I generally tend to listen to male musicians more than females haha. I did grow up on Britney Spears though. One of my songs "Too Much For You" is actually being considered for her next album. :)

*What instruments can you play?
I play piano, guitar, bass, drums, banjo and cello. I'll also be buying a violin soon because I want to learn how to play it sooo badly.

*What can you tell us about your childhood and your teenager years?
I had a great life growing up. I was very very blessed. Great friends, great family, etc. I've been writing since I was 8 years old (wrote my first instrumental piano piece), but I really started writing when my parents got divorced. I was 16 years old, and it was just my way of coping with everything. It was pure and honest and now it has turned into a career. :)

*What made you audition for Idol in the first place? What was you're audition song? What can you tell us about the hole experience?
I auditioned with "A Song For You," the Donny Hathaway version. I knew that I wanted to try American Idol. I've had people telling me I should do it since I was 16, but the timing just felt right this season. It was a great experience and amazing to get a behind-the-scenes look!

*In another interview you said you'll audition for Idol again, are u still thinking like this?
I won't be auditioning for Idol again. We're not allowed to do originals on the show, and that's where my heart is. I can sing karaoke all day, but it doesn't feel as honest or right unless I'm singing my own songs. I've been blessed with the ability to write songs that people enjoy, and it would drive me crazy if I couldn't play them on the show. But there's a good chance that I will be a contestant on another show. I can't give any more information than that. :)

*What do you think about Lee's victory?
Lee is a great guy. I jammed with him at Hollywood Week, and helped him change up his audition song. He was SO shy, but his talent is undeniable. I would love to write songs for him.

*What is your favourite song of yours and what does it mean for you?
I can't pick one haha. They're all so different that it would be extremely difficult for me to choose. However, I will say that at live shows, there are 2 main crowd pleasers, "Strictly Business" and "The Penis Blues."

*Have you ever been in a recording studio?
Yes haha. I've been in the studio since I was 15 years old. I've been a session singer for other people's projects as well as my own. I also produce my own music, so I've had a home studio since I was about 17.

*Have you recorded a complete album/EP? / Any album plans?
I will definitely be doing an album in the near future. I haven't yet, just because all of my songs are so different. I'll write Dance one day, then Southern Rock the next day. I'll write worship music for churches and then comedy songs, so it's been difficult trying to figure out what kind of album I would put out. What I've decided upon is a more soulful/rock version of Taylor Swift. Catchy, but with more
vocal prower and edgier.

*Do you know someone in the music bussines?
I know a lot of people in the music business. :)

*Something interesting about you?
I'm left handed? haha...which means that I am veryyyyy right-brained. I find all of that stuff fascinating.

*I read on your Twitter account that you're a cage fighter by night, Is this real?
Definitely NOT true haha! It's just a joke. :)

*What is the best advice someone ever given to you?
The best advice would have to be "keep it simple. Then people will understand." It's so true. I was blessed to go to a music school where I learn SOO much about music. I can write extremely complicated material, but at the end of the day, all I want to do is write a pop song that people can relate to and that makes them happy.

Water Them Down:

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