Tonight it all boils down to this two. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze will be faced against each other for one of the best finals in years, this beign as this year is the first one with a woman in the finals since Season 6 Jordin Spark's victory. So, Who will take the crown tonight?

Who I want to win and why after the JUMP ...

I'm really hoping Crystal will, and after last night, Mamasox's chances of winning have considerably aumented. Three beautiful songs with an amzaing voice behind them, and Crystal kicked it out of the park. She's been one of my favourites since the early beginning and her voice is so unusal. Idol has never had this amount of talent in their hands. Should Crystal lose to Lee, she'll also have a great carrer, probably beating the previous in the charts.  But I have a feeling American voters, who by the way, have sucked a lot this year, haven't voted for her as much as she deserves, they are basically not prepared for such a talent.

On the other hand we have the cute next-door guy, Lee DeWyze, who has impressed much, and I consider myself impressed too, with his incredible rock covers, but never on pitch (One of the reasons Vote For the Worst have choosen him). I won't be mad I Lee wins, but I hope he dosen't. I know America has voted for the wet-dog-face guy, but I hope it isn't enough. Last night Lee was a major trainwreck, well, I wouldn't say trainwreck, it wasn't his night, blame it on nerves, song choice, whatever, but last night wasn't his night.

I hope Crystal takes the well deserved crown tonight and I hope for a great carrer for both of them!
I'm definetly on Mamasox's Team!

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