Before starting reviewing the album I must confess that I love Diana, so I may not be very objective. But I'll try to do my best!

"Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree" is exactly the album I was expecting from Diana. I loved her during her X Factor run during Season 5 and her unique style was totally awesome. The debut was released on May 3, 2010 and it's first single, "Once", released on April 19, climbed quickly to #1.

Diana took here time recording this album and it totally paid off. Instead of recording it the sooner as possible, she worked on every single song and try to make the best out of them. Her voice is quircky and I love the album concept.

Read my song by song review after the jump and also listen to them.

Song by song review:


The opening track is also her first single. "Once" was written by Vickers, Cathy Dennis and Eg White. The opening verse is my favourite part of the hole song: "Here we are, a careful distance/Here's my heart, what's left of it/In this town, I used to listen /Once, Once, Yeah". Diana has done a wonderful work with this song, and with all her album, to make catchy pop songs which are current. She isn't afraid to explore different sounds and many of them are very unique.

Remake Me and You

One of the songs she written with Ellie Goulding and Guy Sigsworth. Not one of my favourites but this song is incrediblly catchy and is also very well written. And Diana's voice is as good as always.

The Boy Who Murdered Love

Diana and Chris Braide team up to write this song which, I must say, I don't like. I don't know why because it's a good song, but I just can't like it.

Four Leaf Clover

Another song she written with Braide, "Four Leaf Clover" is a beautiful down-tempo love song.  It is quite different to all of the other songs in the album, as it's one of the few slow songs. With a simple combination of soft instruments and a quiet voice, this is probably one of the best songs in the album.


 Put It Back Together

Nerina Pallot wrote this song for Diana, and she did an amazing job. It starts very calm, with a low piano and a shy voice, but then, the song starts to heat up towards the end, making the song a heavenly experience.


 You'll Never Get to Heaven

This song is stuck in my head. Written with Starsmith and Cass Lowe, it shows how good they are in making a catchy song. Apart from the song being amazing, and Diana's voice is edited so well, just search for the 1:40, where they edit her voice. Amazing!

 Me and You

This song written by Vickers, Chris Braide and Devonté Hynes, better known by Lightspeed Champion, is good, but nothing more. Diana's voice doesn't seem to change during it and despite having some good lyrics, the song just doesn't creat a moment with her voice. 

 My Hip

This was my favourite track form the start.  Harmony Boucher and Tobias Karlsson made a great job writing it and the song has extremely interesting instruments. I found it so fun to whistle the beginning. In addition to the amazing rythym and lyrics it has, Diana's voice is so perfect that this song could be her next single and it will take her to #1 in the blink of an eye.


The third song written by Vickers and Braide, N.U.M.B, is perfect. Although it is a predictable song theme, this song is sweeter than a pot of sugar. Diana's voice is at her best and it is accompanied with very soft and beautiful instruments.



Björk and The Sugarcubes wrote this song. I have mixed feeling to it. I don't love it but I don't hate it, it's an average song. And I hate it's lyrics. 



Vickers, Goulding and Sigsworth wrote this predictable song. Despite it, her voice is incredible, she could sing the phonebook and it would sound amazing. Her quircky voice sounds beautifully recorded and this song demonstrates it.

 Jumping Into Rivers

This is the promotional track she released as a free download some months ago. The song was written with  Goulding and Sigsworth. My first impression wasn't very good, but with a second listen I founded this song incredible.


 Chasing You

Written by Vickers, Boucher and Sigsworth. "Chasing You" is the closing track of the album, and it couldn't be a better song. Perfect voice, perfect arrengment and perfect lyrics.



The first bounus track is my fave song of the entire album. I wonder why this song isn't in the album. I don't know who written it, but whoever it was, congratulations. We should all applaud the writer. Diana's vocals hit a new level, she couldn't sound better!

Magic Mirror

The second bonus track is the shortest track of the album with only 1:41. I recommend hearing it in an Ipod with the headphones on. You can hear the guitar in one and her voice in the other. A great job. 

So this was my track-by-track review, What do you think? Which is your favourite song? Please comment!

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