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If you followed the danish XF, you may probably remember this guys from the final show, where they duetted with eventual winner, Sarah. Carpark North has been here for a while actually and they are one of the most successful bands in Denmark. Formed in 1999 in Aarhus by Lau Højen, Søren Balsner and Morten Thorhauge, all still in the mix, they have positioned themselves on top with 3 albums released, all charting top 5 and up, and a best hits album.  Having recived many awards in their country, they are expected to be a worldwide success now that they've signed a deal with Sony Music. And why wouldn't they? They are one of, if not the hottest band in Denmark, they have an old hard rock vibe mixed with an urban sound and an unique sound. Despite being a rock band, they've found a niche where they feel current and interesting and after four albums, they continue to reinvent their sound. I tell you, they are about to take the world by storm.

Buy their music and check some music videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Best Days" HERE (DK).

Buy "Lost" HERE (US). 

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